Tuxera FlashFX Tera™ provides robust reliability in hand-held wireless devices for medical, military, aerospace, and industrial manufacturers.

Meeting the hand-held embedded device needs of industrial manufacturers

InHand is the leading provider of low-power embedded systems to medical, military, aerospace, and industrial manufacturers. InHand’s customers rely on their reputation for highly reliable, robust, and ruggedized embedded systems to produce battery-operated, hand-held wireless devices such as UMPCs, PDAs, wearable computers, industrial computers, and smart sensors.

The challenge

Recently a key customer of InHand began experiencing data corruption related to the flash driver on their well-known Fingertip modules. The unusual flash configuration required by the project was not compatible with the default flash driver. Despite several attempted work-arounds by InHand engineers, the customer’s data corruption issues persisted.

After trying several different options to fix the problem, the InHand engineering team discovered Tuxera FlashFX TeraTM (formerly known as Datalight FlashFX® Pro), an intelligent flash media manager designed to handle the complexities associated with flash memory. FlashFX Tera solves many of the inherent issues common to flash, with features like sophisticated bad-block management and advanced wear-leveling algorithms. It has also been shown to improve overall data throughput. Fast, efficient integration comes standard with drop-in support for over 300 well-known flash parts, allowing the In-Hand engineering team to integrate FlashFX Tera quickly. In fact, they had the customer up and running within only a matter of days.

The results

Immediately following implementation of FlashFX Tera on the customer’s project, the customer’s data corruption issues stopped. Further analysis by InHand revealed that using the Tuxera solution is more cost-effective than spending in-house development time whenever a new flash part is used and frees up resources for product improvement. After careful consideration, InHand decided to include FlashFX Tera on their entire line of Fingertip4 and Fingertip5 products. “Using Datalight’s* drivers enabled our team to focus on optimizing other parts of the system while still providing our customer with highly reliable flash storage,” said Dr. Dave Stewart, a nationally recognized embedded systems expert and Director of Software Engineering for InHand. “The inclusion of FlashFX helps us continue our reputation for producing highly reliable, robust, and ruggedized embedded systems. Our customers gain worry-free flash data storage on our Fingertip family of products due to the increased reliability of the FlashFX drivers over our previous solution.”

* This customer success story has been updated May 24, 2021. Datalight was originally mentioned as the software provider in this story. As of 2019, Datalight Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuxera Inc. Tuxera now owns all of Datalight’s former products, including the ones mentioned in this project. Tuxera is dedicated to providing superior technical know-how in data storage challenges and responsive customer support.

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