Tuxera FlashFX Tera™ supercharges device write performance while also enabling future-proofing and backwards compatibility

Meeting the ever-changing needs of enterprise mobile computers

In designing the ground-breaking new MC9500K enterprise mobile computer, Motorola sought to provide its customers the best mix of features and performance available anywhere on the market. And while customers are attracted to next-generation performance, often they also demand compatibility with a large pool of previously-deployed units in the field.

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The challenge

Typically, any upgrade to the latest handheld technology will require software updates that work with legacy hardware as well. Yet another factor complicating software management for OEMs like Motorola is the complexity of sourcing flash parts in today’s ever-changing flash market – with fluctuations in price and availability and frequent end-of-life announcements. In fact, sourcing flexibility became a major strategic focus for the MC9500 design team as they considered flash management software, having dealt with end-of-life concerns many times in the past. The software team was faced with the engineering challenge of customizing a flash driver for the past, present, and future hardware needs of their customers – no small task given the circumstances.

The results

In researching their options for flash management, Motorola’s design team discovered Tuxera FlashFX Tera™ (formerly Datalight* FlashFX® Pro), the intelligent flash media manager, with pre-written support for an ever-growing list of flash parts that currently tops 300. With help from the Tuxera support team, Motorola had FlashFX up and running on the new target hardware in a few weeks, and they soon discovered write performance was three times faster than the default OS driver. Tuxera has provided support for flash parts from all major vendors for over a decade, giving Motorola customers the assurance that software upgrades will work on older flash-based systems as well as systems now and in the future. The performance and flexibility FlashFX brought to the Motorola design made the decision a simple one.

With FlashFX, Motorola was able to solve concerns about future-proofing and backwards compatibility for field upgrades, and its customers reap the benefit of noticeably faster write performance. In the MC9500, Motorola now has complete independence in sourcing flash parts, allowing it to meet production deadlines and shop for the most competitively priced flash parts.

* This customer success story has been updated in 2021. Datalight was originally mentioned as the software provider in this story. As of 2019, Datalight Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuxera Inc. Tuxera now owns all of Datalight’s former products, including the ones mentioned in this project. Tuxera is dedicated to providing superior technical know-how in data storage challenges and responsive customer support.

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