The company ranks in the top 10 for its category. Tuxera’s headcount grew by 36% in 2016 – pushing it from a small-sized company to a medium one in a span of several months.

Helsinki, Finland – February 10, 2017 – For the third year in the row, Tuxera is awarded Great Place to Work. The company ranks #10 in the medium-sized category. In 2016, Tuxera’s headcount grew by 36% to a current workforce of over 70 employees worldwide. This rapid expansion hurdled the company from small to medium-sized within the span of several months.

Company growth typically brings more bureaucracy, and consequently employee engagement begins to dwindle. That has not been the case for Tuxera, however. “We avoid this pitfall by making it our priority to maintain a fun, flexible, free, and productive work environment,” explains Satu Muilu, Head of People Operations. “Receiving this award is a fantastic honor. But it’s also an excellent measure that we’ve succeeded in maintaining our culture even as we expand,” Satu continues.

Trust, freedom, and community are essential to Tuxera’s culture

As Tuxera’s workforce grows, the organization structure remains relatively flat – meaning no unnecessary management layers. While each company function has a leader, these leads are self-organized from within the teams. Plus, the company fosters an open-door policy for sharing opinions, ideas, and constructive feedback.

Employees enjoy the freedom to choose how, when, and where their work is done. At the same time, the company encourages openness and collaboration between individuals and teams. These practices are complemented by a proactive approach to community-building.

“A workplace needs to lift people up,” says Satu. “As the company grows, we aim to build and maintain a strong community, not just a place to work for individuals. People look for ways to be connected – they want to belong and to feel they’re contributing to the team, the organization, and even for the greater good of the world. We put a great deal of effort into fostering that sense of belonging – both inside Tuxera and on the outside with local and global tech communities.”