Press release
March 11, 2010

Tuxera Becomes SD Association Member to Meet the Industry Needs in Data Portability
Tuxera exFAT Fuels the Adoption of SDXC, the Next Generation SD Card Technology

HELSINKI, FINLAND. Tuxera Ltd, the creator of the leading NTFS and exFAT solutions for Linux and other operating systems, celebrates the 10th anniversary of SD Association as a full member. After joining SD Association in 2009, Tuxera has been actively contributing to the adoption of SDXC, the next-generation SD memory card standard.

Tuxera CEO Mikko Välimäki explains: “SDXC lifts the 32GB maximum size limit for SD cards and also the 4GB maximum file size limit. These are due to the novel exFAT file system. Tuxera has been working with Microsoft the last six months to offer exFAT for any non-Windows operating system. I am confident that we have now the market leading exFAT implementation and we can give unmatched exFAT support to the first companies adopting SDXC in their host devices.”

Tuxera offers the actual exFAT file system software solution and licenses it to customers and partners while Microsoft offers exFAT patent coverage and specifications. Tuxera also offers technical exFAT integration and support services to any customer on a non-Windows platform.

“In Tuxera, reliability and interoperability come always first. During SD Association’s interoperability sessions, where SDXC host device and card manufacturers meet, we will ensure that Tuxera exFAT is in practice fully compatible with every implementation in the market.” notes Szabolcs Szakacsits, Tuxera CTO, and continues: “In addition, we will not only confirm compliance with the standard, we also innovate on top of it. Tuxera’s portable exFAT implementation already includes all the performance and feature innovations we have made during our market-leading NTFS file system development in the last ten years.”