Tuxera Drives exFAT and SDXC Adoption on Mobile Devices
Top Android Phones and Tablets Coming to Markets Powered by Tuxera

Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo, JapanJuly 24, 2012 — Tuxera Inc. the leading provider of interoperable file systems and connectivity software for Android, Linux, Mac and other platforms, today announced it is working with 8 out of top 10 mobile device manufacturers to bring exFAT solution to the markets. The first wave of high-end Android devices with exFAT/SDXC support is hitting the retail channel worldwide over the Summer of 2012.

Tuxera was the first company to license exFAT technology including patents, source code, verifications tools and specifications from Microsoft in 2009. Building on its decade-long expertise with other complex and interoperable file systems Tuxera developed and released Tuxera exFAT on Android, Linux and other platforms together with its customers and partners. The first world leading mobile phone manufacturer selected Tuxera exFAT already in 2010. Since then Tuxera has successfully won designs with the leading phone and tablet manufacturers across the world and partnered with the top mobile chipset companies and ODMs to make sure OEMs can get to the market quickly and cost-efficiently. For many customers Tuxera has also bundled exFAT with it’s market leading Tuxera NTFS, HFS+ and FAT file systems.

Tuxera exFAT key benefits include:

  • Flawless interoperability. Overtake competition with native system integration and full support for the latest SDXC technology that ensures interoperability with Windows PCs, Mac laptops, the latest cameras and other consumer electronics.
  • Quick time to market. Tuxera exFAT has been pre-integrated with the most popular mobile chipsets including NVIDIA Tegra®, Qualcomm Snapdragon™ and TI OMAP™. Tuxera supports all Android and Linux kernel versions, including Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and works closely with OEM and ODM design teams worldwide.
  • Top performance. Tuxera exFAT is the fastest solution on the market today.Tuxera exFAT read and write performance are over 30% faster than the most common Linux file systems and alternative solutions in typical use cases.
  • Best-in-class reliability. Tuxera exFAT is the only solution on the market, which is fail-safe: volume consistency is ensured and no data is lost if storage is removed during write or if there is a sudden power off.
  • Support green initiatives. Tuxera exFAT’s integrated design optimizes CPU load and can achieve up to 20% of power saving on mobile devices compared to alternative file systems.
  • Cloud delivery for prompt support. Tuxera customers have 24/7 access to Tuxera’s delivery and update system that provides ready-to-run, tested file system modules for any target device upon partner’s request. Tuxera is today supporting customers with tens of target devices during development and maintenance.

A rapidly increasing number of Tuxera exFAT mobile OEM customers are located in Asia. “Tuxera is serving a growing number of companies in the APAC region including China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  We have built our company organization accordingly so that we can develop long-lasting successful partnerships with prompt communications and support activities in local languages,” noted Kanae Kubota, Director of Software Solutions at Tuxera.

Tuxera exFAT is available for evaluation and licensing on all popular Android phone and tablet platforms. For more information about Tuxera exFAT please contact .