Helsinki, Finland and Las Vegas, USAJanuary 6, 2014 – Tuxera Inc., the leader in interoperable file system solutions, announced today that Tuxera exFAT solution has been approved as Works with GENIVI component. The Works with GENIVI (WwG) is an expansion of the current compliance program, bringing focus to individual software applications and components for In-Vehicle Infotainment Platforms. Tuxera is one of the first five companies to receive Works with GENIVI medallion up to now.

Tuxera exFAT is a trusted solution, in production on several automotive platforms, and since 2013 on a GENIVI 1.0 platform. Known for being a high-performance Linux kernel module component with no other dependencies, exFAT is an essential element for plug-and-play compatibility with no need to reformat and is required to support the high-capacity SDXC memory cards and latest USB storages.

Tuxera file system solutions, fail-safe by design, prevent data corruption and maintain volume consistency in case of unexpected plug-off, dramatic power drop and system crash. In response to high interest, Tuxera is bringing a fail-safe demo to CES 2014. It will be showcased in the evenings on January 6th, 7th and 8th as a part of the GENIVI Member Showcase. The demo displays Tuxera fail-safe testing and performance measurements, part of Tuxera extensive test suites developed to ensure highest reliability and performance while maintaining low CPU usage. For more information on Tuxera testing and benchmark results please contact: .

“With longstanding expertise in Linux, Android and other platforms, we are excited to contribute in making GENIVI a fully interoperable, production ready In-Vehicle Infotainment platform. Tuxera file systems provide backbone interoperability features critical for connectivity with today’s consumer electronics devices. Thanks to our close cooperation with Microsoft, Automotive partners, and active participation in key associations across industries and technologies, Tuxera Automotive product portfolio can help the IVI systems to keep up with CE innovation pace and achieve the ultimate connected car experience“ commented Viet-Anh Pitaval, Business Development Director at Tuxera.