Tuxera exFAT Reaches Over 90 MB/s Read and Write Performance with the Latest SDXC Cards
Tuxera Solves All Android File System, Storage and Interoperability Bottlenecks

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, SPAIN, <February 27, 2012> Tuxera Inc., the leading provider of interoperable file systems for Android, Linux, Mac and other platforms, today announced its market-leading Tuxera exFAT file system solution has reached over 90 MB/s read and write performance at the SD Association Interoperability Sessions with some of the latest SDXC UHS-I cards. Tests were run on Android and Linux based platforms.

SD Association announced SDXC standard at CES, January 2009 and Microsoft’s exFAT was chosen as the file system to replace FAT32. The same year, Tuxera became the first software company to license exFAT source code, patents and verification tools from Microsoft. Tuxera has partnered with the leading chipset companies to pre-integrate, optimize and validate its cutting-edge file systems on their platforms.

Tuxera started shipping exFAT on Android, Linux, QNX and other system to Fortune 500 companies during 2010 and has since been developing new features and patented performance to continuously offer new enhanced functionalities to the customers. Today, Tuxera is the recognized exFAT market leader, working with 8 out of top 10 mobile manufacturers. Some advantages of Tuxera exFAT include:

  • Tuxera exFAT read and write performance are over 90 MB/s with some of the latest SDXC UHS-I cards
  • Tuxera exFAT creates 1 million files over 3 times faster than the closest alternative solution on a Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon S2
  • The non-reclaimable memory is only 90 kB during the same test while alternative solutions may need tens of megabytes

“We are providing the fastest, most deployed, ready-to-run exFAT solution to mobile market leaders world wide” said Mikko Välimäki, Tuxera CEO. “With over a decade long file system and kernel leadership, Tuxera is also helping its customer to solve any other file system, storage and interoperability issues they may have.”

Tuxera’s product portfolio includes five different file system solutions: Tuxera exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, FAT32 and XFS, all targeted for different use cases from the smartest mobile devices to the heaviest enterprise-level storage products. Tuxera’s products also cover popular streaming protocols and remote device management solutions.

“Tuxera is providing its customers with unmatchable file system, interoperability and kernel expertise. There is hardly anybody in the Linux kernel and storage community who hasn’t heard about Tuxera if not directly worked with us. Tuxera is continuously innovating in this dynamic space, and is helping its partners to analyze any local and network storage or data transfer related issue they may have,” said Szabolcs Szakacsits, Tuxera President and CTO.