The new file system ensures power fail-safety for mission-critical data management and reduces time to certification for embedded systems.

HELSINKI, Finland and SEATTLE, Washington USA – 24 August, 2021 – Tuxera, the industry leader in quality-assured embedded file systems software, announced the release of Tuxera Reliance Assure™, a power fail-safe file system for managing mission- and safety-critical data in certifiable embedded systems. Reliance Assure will benefit Tuxera’s customers that must meet rigorous regulatory or safety requirements in the automotive and transport, industrial automation, medical, defense, and aerospace industries.

Meeting the growing need for certifiable file systems

Embedded systems in safety-critical domains are becoming increasingly complex, with software and hardware components sourced from multiple vendors. Requirements for functional safety, data privacy, and quality-standards adherence are also becoming increasingly mandated throughout the embedded industry. This complexity creates challenges related to software compliance and verification, which is a costly and time-consuming task in developing high-quality, safe systems.

Tuxera Reliance Assure was designed to help the industry meet the rapidly increasing demand for standards-compliant, reliable data management in embedded systems. Every line of Reliance Assure’s code was developed in compliance with MISRA C:2012, and by following the Automotive SPICE® quality management framework. With Reliance Assure, Tuxera provides full bi-directional traceability, code reviews, and verification. Combined with an optional Design Assurance Package add-on, Tuxera’s customers have a solid document set to build their certification artefacts.

Deterministic behavior provides needed control for certifiable solutions

The transactional design of Reliance Assure, paired with deterministic file system behavior, gives embedded systems designers full control over data-at-risk. The advanced file system is also compatible with a majority of safety-critical RTOSes, and is bolstered by Tuxera’s award-winning technical support.

“Reliance Assure builds on the power fail-safety and quality assurance our customers have come to us for time and time again,” says Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager at Tuxera. “This product was very much the result of dozens of conversations with our customers in safety-critical industries. They need file system software that can provide fail-safe, controlled data management operations, but also offers very rigorous quality assurance. Our aim with Reliance Assure was to help our customers reduce time to certification for their embedded systems.”

Reliance Assure further expands Tuxera’s already comprehensive premium software solution portfolio, giving customers more choice for their data management needs.

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