As international concerns drive costs and uncertainty, the data storage management leader offers software-driven solutions to address hardware supply chain issues, generate savings, and shorten development time.

HELSINKI, December 13, 2022 ( – Tuxera, the leading provider of quality-assured data storage management software and networking technologies, helps device and car manufacturers, tier suppliers, and data-driven enterprises address challenges stemming from chip and component shortages, increased labor challenges, and geopolitical uncertainty. The company’s storage software solutions help its customers realize cost savings, reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs, and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to shortages of computer chips and components, affecting sectors from electronics to automobiles. The pandemic also has driven labor shortages resulting from temporary shutdowns and the “quiet quitting” phenomenon. Inflation and the war in Europe have reduced buying power and created uncertainty about markets.

“These global issues have pressured corporations to implement cost reduction strategies, especially concerning their spending and dependency on suppliers and hardware parts,” said Tuukka Ahoniemi, CEO of Tuxera.

“Tuxera’s embedded data storage software works with and supports the vast majority of semiconductors on the market. Our customers do not need to rely on the availability of a certain flash part or component, allowing for flexibility across a multitude of projects.”

Long-term hardware cost savings through software

Through decades of experience building storage software for the global top tech companies, Tuxera has developed state-of-the-art implementations of its file systems software. Advanced features in its software enable hardware cost reductions. For example, the software’s advanced features for controlling and regulating data retention on the storage can reduce the hardware supercapacitor costs by up to 50 percent. This is especially useful in data recording and write-intensive use cases, such as in DVRs, dashcams, cameras, and drones.

Direct storage hardware cost savings can also be realized with Tuxera’s intelligent flash management software, especially in projects where using raw flash is a more cost-effective approach to storage than eMMC or other types of managed NAND.

The company’s technology can also extend the lifetime of storage systems by up to 3.2 times compared to other alternatives. Maximizing storage lifetime has the added benefit of reducing the need for hardware maintenance, replacements, and recalls over time, which can result in significant cost savings for Tuxera’s customers. For example, improved storage system lifetime in automobiles can reduce costs by $1.3 million per 100,000 storage devices.

Reducing development costs

Businesses should also consider opportunity costs and time-to-market when thinking of their budgets. It is safe to estimate that creating a production-ready file system takes a minimum of 50 person-years. The company’s comprehensive data management portfolio allows businesses to avoid that costly development cycle, because it is proven and ready to integrate into any environment.

“While free alternatives do exist on the market today,” said Eva Rio, Product Manager of Tuxera, “they lack dedicated support and expertise.” The cost of going with an in-house solution is considerable and often underestimated by organizations not familiar with storage software.

“In our experience, companies are better off dedicating their time and resources toward their core business. Tuxera can fill the gap when it comes to storage expertise,” Rio said. “Tuxera’s solutions are developed from a market perspective, in close cooperation with our customers and partners, taking into account changes and uncertainties in the industry. Our software, chosen for its proven reliability in the field, also helps customers achieve long-term cost savings, avoid vendor lock-in, reduce their risk, and accelerate their time-to-market so that they can differentiate themselves from the competition early on. Tuxera is at the forefront of storage software and will continue to provide reliable and high-performing solutions so that our customers can focus on making their innovations possible.”

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