The partnership will allow for safeguarded critical data with SAFERTOS® for customers in medical, industrial, automotive, and rail.

HELSINKI, Finland, and BRISTOL, United Kingdom, August 31, 2021 – Tuxera, a world-leader in quality-assured storage management and networking software, announced its partnership with WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) to make Tuxera Reliance Edge™ and Tuxera Reliance Assure™ power-failsafe file systems available to SAFERTOS®. WHIS produces and supplies its safety-critical real-time operating system, SAFERTOS, to a diverse range of technology sectors worldwide. The partnership simplifies the customer journey, allowing these integrated platforms to speed up time to market.

Safeguarding mission-critical data in real-time operating systems

The partnership between Tuxera and WHIS is built on a shared vision of the growing importance of data and need for reliable real-time responsiveness within mission-critical systems. Both companies have expertly served the complex needs of some of the same industries and customers.

WHIS is a global producer and supplier of RTOS and platform solutions to the medical, automotive, rail, and industrial sectors. SAFERTOS is the company’s pre-certified safety RTOS for embedded processors. It provides deterministic event handling, and is available pre-certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3.

Tuxera’s Reliance® family file systems for SAFERTOS use transactional methods to protect critical system and user data from corruption, especially where power loss or interruptions may cause mission or system failures, or safety risks. Reliance Assure is designed specifically for certifiable systems and can be used when certification is mandated. With a focus on power fail-safety and protecting mission critical data, the Reliance file systems are a natural fit with SAFERTOS.

Pairing up to meet the embedded world’s challenging reliability needs

Reliance Edge, Reliance Assure, and SAFERTOS all feature in-built support for determinism. Key file system operations of Tuxera’s Reliance Edge and Reliance Assure are deterministic, offering developers unprecedented predictability for data reliability and storage performance. This flexibility amplifies the dependability of Tuxera’s file systems as a tool for data management – helping to ensure greater mission-critical data protection for WHIS’ customers.

“We’re proud to be partnering with WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems,” says Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager at Tuxera. “While WHIS can laser-focus on the core development and safety aspects of SAFERTOS, we can apply our expertise in storage development to look after the critical data handling requirements.”

“SAFERTOS is specially designed for systems that need to respond quickly to safety events, where the system must be placed into a safe state in the shortest possible time,” says Andrew Longhurst, Managing Director at WHIS. “The partnership is significant in providing greater fail-safety and system integrity that’s needed in the safety-critical embedded systems of today.”


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