Ensures High Performance and Full Interoperability to User Content

Helsinki, Finland and Beijing, China – March 19, 2013 – Tuxera Inc., the market leader in the interoperable technology announced today a partnership with Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Last year, Xiaomi announced acquisition of the digital content provider Duokan, that resulted in a brand new product line called Xiaomi Box, which closely integrates with Xiaomi smartphones establishing a multi-device platform. The Android based set-top boxes ship Tuxera NTFS and FAT for multi-streaming, excellent performance, the most comprehensive interoperability and reliability.

Xiaomi has been in the spotlight with the impressive products and sales figures. Nearly three years after founding, Xiaomi has raised $347 million in total funds, and is valued at $4 billion. In 2012, Xiaomi sold a total of 7.19 million Xiaomi Phones, the revenue was amounted to 12.6 billion RMB (about USD 2 billion). The company first built its brand by moderately priced high-end smartphones and now aims at providing devices for a comprehensive home entertainment ecosystem that would span across phones and set-top boxes. .

Xiaomi Box can stream media from phone, tablet, or laptop over wifi network, bringing movies or music onto the big-screens. It has won over the reviewers with its exceptional multimedia experience, price-to-quality ratio and compatibility with the latest technologies such as DLNA, Miracast protocols.

“Tuxera file system solutions allow Xiaomi Box users to download, stream, record and play-back the content with no limits in recording size or length. To ensure ultimate user experience, it is invaluable that our product is fail-safe and offers plug-and-play interoperability with all kind of external storages from the cheapest memory sticks to the latest USB hard drives,” said Wang Chuan, Xiaomi co-founder.

The recent study from Research & Markets shows that, the demand for set-top boxes is growing fast in China: 42 million set-top boxes were shipped in 2011 and the analysts are expecting the total number to exceed 90 million in 2015. Most of the set-top-boxes on the market are equipped with media player functionality making it possible to show pictures, play music and video from portable USB storages. More and more devices have also the possibility to record video over USB or SD interface to an internal or external storage. Tuxera cooperates with the leading chipset manufacturers to offer the most reliable and widely deployed NTFS, exFAT, FAT and HFS+ file systems for portable media players and personal video recorder functionality.

“We are excited to be working with Xiaomi, which is committed to product innovation and customer-facing integration. Over the past few years, our investments in China have increased substantially. With the fastest growing technology industry in the world, China is one of our main focus markets. We are actively working together with the customers across the country, so it is crucial for us to have a strong local presence and motivated, expert team on the site,” added Yang Zhiheng, Country Manager at Tuxera.