Every organization has a culture – and at Tuxera we feel that we’ve got a great one. We wrote it down as a handbook which we would like to share with you. No matter who you are or how long you’ve been part of this organization, we hope that this handbook describes the qualities and values that you recognize in Tuxera.


About the company culture at Tuxera

For many of us Tuxera is much more than just a workplace. We have always employed talent from all over the world and welcomed them in our family-like culture where having fun, enjoying each other’s company, contributing to society is just as important as getting things done for our customers.

Szabolcs Szakacsits
Founder, President, & CTO

I strongly believe that by taking good care of our people in Tuxera, or the Tuxerians as often referred, the people will take good care of our customers, each other, and the business. I also believe that the company is us; we define who we are as a company and are each responsible for making this the place where we want to spend a big part of our lives. Culture cannot be outsourced.

Tuukka Ahoniemi

In my opinion, Tuxera leadership is about the same values as general Tuxera culture. Equality, flexibility, diversity, and the ability to be yourself wrapped up in a blanket of L&L (love and limits).

Henry Hiltunen
VP, People & Culture