President, CTO

Szabolcs oversees the company’s overall strategy and technical path. He is a seasoned entrepreneur. Szabolcs
founded his first software company specialized in Linux and Internet in 1996 then moved on to developing computer games for Erno Rubik. Szabolcs founded Tuxera in 2008, based on the open-source project he had worked on since 2002. Prior to Tuxera he worked for F-Secure and Ericsson. He holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Szeged, Hungary.

Tuukka Ahoniemi, CEO, Tuxera



Tuukka joined Tuxera in September 2019, bringing to the company strategic hands-on leadership in global international product and service business. Before Tuxera, he worked as an SVP of strategy at Qt Group with a long background within the embedded software industry. Tuukka holds a D.Sc. in Computer Science from Tampere University of Technology.

Joel Catala, VP Engineering, Tuxera


Vice President, Engineering

Joel coordinates the company’s product development teams. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the SD Association. Joel holds a B. Sc. in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications from the University of Montpellier II (IUT de Beziers).

Kerri McConnell, VP Corporate Development, Tuxera


VP, Corporate Development

Kerri is in charge of Americas operations for Tuxera, and is responsible for worldwide corporate development projects. She brings to Tuxera over a decade of knowledge in embedded systems technologies and multi-industry storage needs, plus a deep understanding of customer-centric product development. Prior to joining Tuxera in 2019, she spent over a decade as VP of Sales and Marketing at Datalight, and 15 years at Adobe Systems.

Jonas Juslin, COO, Tuxera


Chief Operating Officer

Jonas joined the company in 2019. Before Tuxera he worked several years in investment banking at Evli Bank, focusing on M&A and equity capital market transactions. In addition, he has also worked with various business development and strategy questions as a management consultant at EY. He holds a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from Hanken School of Economics.

Henry Hiltunen, VP People and Culture, Tuxera


Vice President, People and Culture

Henry has a Software engineering degree and a long history in the field of ICT. He is an accomplished leader, with specialist leadership development skills and training, and is certified in coaching. Henry joined Tuxera in Autumn 2018, before which he worked in various ICT consulting companies as a software developer and in human leadership roles.

Tiff Rossi, VP Marketing, Tuxera


Vice President, Marketing

Tiff is responsible for developing and implementing Tuxera’s marketing strategies. They bring over a decade of content marketing and content strategy experience to Tuxera. Before joining the company in 2016, Tiff wrote about technology, consumer electronics, and industrial tech for Nokia, Microsoft, KONE Corporation, and many others. They have an M.A. and a B.Sc. in scientific disciplines from Michigan State University, USA.

Timi Lehtonen, VP Sales, Tuxera


Vice President, Sales

Timi joined Tuxera in March 2021, bringing in his experience of scaling up international sales organizations and operations. Timi has deep insight and experience in distribution networks, negotiations, and key partner relationships. Before Tuxera he worked seven years for a Finnish-based growth company, building, running, and scaling up their US Sales operations and global key accounts from scratch to multi-ten-million dollar operation. In addition, he has also worked several years in IT sales and industrial segments. Timi holds an M.Sc. in Technology from the Tampere University of Technology.

Antti Alila, VP Enterprise Solutions, Tuxera


VP, Enterprise Solutions

Antti joined the company in late 2021 to lead the Tuxera Enterprise Business Unit and support the needs of the world’s rapidly expanding enterprise cloud storage market. Before Tuxera, he worked for 15 years in Microsoft as Azure Business Group Lead. In that role, he executed the market development of Microsoft Azure business in Finland, from its early beginnings all the way to its position as a leading cloud platform. Antti has also worked with various customers as Lead Technical Architect, helping large enterprises in their digitalization journey.

Marko Finnig, VP Product Management, Tuxera


VP, Product Management

Marko joined Tuxera in early 2023, bringing to the company a decade of experience in building and scaling world-class product and service businesses. He has an extensive background in the embedded software industry, and has held key product and service leadership positions at Vaisala, Qt Group, and F-Secure. Marko holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from Oulu University of Applied Sciences.