Benefits of Tuxera IIoT data storage & networking software

Unsurpassed storage reliability

Power fail-safety is a key requirement for industrial applications. Tuxera's file systems have patented transactional methods to protect data at risk, detect and provide early warning of imminent flash failure and/or data inconsistencies, and offer uncompromising fault tolerance during unexpected power loss or component failures.

Interoperability for smarter industry

Seamless, timely access to data in an industrial automation system environment is critical to the efficiency of smart industrial processes. Our storage software portfolio encompasses solutions supporting data storage and access all the way from deeply embedded and portable storage media at the edge, to file sharing over networks and to the cloud.

Extend memory lifetime

Robust flash storage endurance

Get the maximum lifetime from your flash hardware – and save in replacement costs. Our embedded file systems counter the lifetime-draining effects of flash write amplification and write and erase wear. Patented methods including dynamic and static wear leveling, and intelligent data allocation algorithms deter early flash burnout.

Tuxera storage & networking solutions for industrial applications

Factory automation

Smart, automated factories are powered by sensors, motion controllers, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), among other small-footprint devices. Machines and devices are monitoring conditions in real-time and communicating with each other as well as with centralized control platforms over a network. The entire system can be controlled to quickly adapt to changing production requirements, enhancing the output and efficiency of factory operations.

Tuxera software is engineered to handle the high-speed performance required by real-time industrial automation processes. File system and flash management features like bad block management and advanced wear-leveling algorithms add endurance to the flash storage used within industrial systems. All the while, our patented fail-safety technologies ensure data is not at risk of corruption or loss. Plus our proprietary network storage software is highly scalable, with rock-solid data security features to share files over a network to many devices at the same time.

Tuxera storage and networking software for factory automation

File system for Linux, VxWorks

Small footprint file system for RTOS

File system for raw SPI-NAND

Flash manager for raw flash

Structured data storage on NOR Flash

Network file sharing solution (SMB)

Scanners, ruggedized handhelds, and point-of-sale devices

Purpose-built handheld devices for industrial and point-of-sale use cases incorporate advanced technologies that allow many functions from one single device. The storage workloads for scanners and readers often involve small writes, which cause higher overhead and performance problems. These workloads also contribute to write amplification, which can greatly reduce the flash storage lifetime – thus impacting device lifetime as well.

Our products are renowned in the industry for tackling these two problems better than any other file system or flash management alternatives. Plus, handheld devices are often equipped with an SD card reader interface or portable storage over USB to expand the internal memory. Our file systems guarantee seamless interoperability to make data transfers between devices faster and more responsive, while keeping data intact and secure.

POS transactions are also increasingly done using mobile phones and tablets that run Linux or Android. This brings several benefits to retailers like mobility, upfront low-cost investment, added branding, and customizing the user experience. Tuxera’s solutions also work in these cases as well.

Tuxera storage and connectivity solutions for scanners and ruggedized handhelds

File system for Linux, Windows CE

Flash manager for raw flash

exFAT, FAT, NTFS for Linux

Structured data storage on NOR flash

Test equipment, measurement devices, and dataloggers

Factories rely on equipment that captures data using sensors, which record various parameters on site, about the processes and operations, and the equipment status. The data is used for multiple purposes, from detection to real-time monitoring and analytics. Industrial environments demand a high level of reliability, and storage software is paramount in these and related devices (such as their docking stations and collectors).

Our file systems and flash management software is designed to help the flash storage hardware withstand the repeated write-erase cycles associated with these industrial workloads. All the while, our patented fail-safety technologies ensure data is not at risk of corruption or loss.

Tuxera solutions for test equipment, measurement devices, and dataloggers

File system for Linux, Windows CE

Small footprint file system for RTOS

File system for raw SPI-NAND

Flash manager for raw flash

exFAT, FAT, NTFS for Linux

Structured data storage on NOR flash


Industrial applications storage whitepapers, videos, and more

Tuxera embedded storage solutions for industrial applications

Reliance Nitro – power-failsafe embedded file system for mission-critical data

File system for Linux, VxWorks, Windows CE

Reliance Edge - Power-failsafe file system for resource-constrained systems

Small footprint file system for RTOS

Reliance EdgeNAND - Embedded flash file system for mission-critical data stored on SPI-NAND

File system for raw SPI-NAND

FlashFX Tera - Comprehensive, high-performance storage management for raw flash memory

Intelligent raw flash manager

GravityCS by Tuxera - Commercial-grade file systems for external storage connectivity

Interoperable file systems including FAT, exFAT, NTFS

Fusion File Share by Tuxera - Enterprise SMB server network file system

Fast, secure network file sharing

Tuxera Reliance Sense

NOR flash file system for database-like storage

Tuxera TCP/IP Stack

MISRA-compliant embedded IPv4/IPv6 networking stack

Tuxera SafeTCPIP

Certifiable networking stack for safety-critical embedded systems