Tuxera APFS Embedded

APFS for Linux- and Android-based consumer electronics

Your device. Now Mac- and iOS-aware.

Tuxera’s implementation of APFS provides read-only support for any Linux and Android device to communicate with MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and any Apple-formatted drives. Tuxera APFS helps OEMs build their devices with Apple support front and center, be them mobile phones, TVs, set-top boxes, drones, routers, connected cars, you name it.

Made for flash from the ground up

Tuxera’s implementation of APFS is designed to work with the flash memory hardware it’s coupled with – whether it’s UFS, eMMC, MMC, SSD, or SD. Our product offers an easy-to-integrate interface that plugs directly into automotive systems, drones, professional and action cameras, smartphones, tablets, or other devices using flash technology.

Supports all operating systems

Built on strong partnerships

Close cooperation with the top flash vendors means that our software works efficiently with any hardware. We are active members of industry-leading flash memory organizations including UFSA, JEDEC, and SD Association.

World-leading experts in file systems

Tuxera’s storage solutions power billions of consumer electronics. Our selected customers include:






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