Rocket power for your heavy-duty data workloads

Tuxera Reliance™ Velocity is a cutting-edge embedded file system designed to work with all the benefits and challenges of flash memory technology. Our modern flash-friendly file system has patented and proprietary optimizations to bring the ultimate performance, reliability, security, and longest lifetime to any flash hardware. It’s easy to integrate into automotive embedded systems using Linux, Android, or QNX, and excels at handling multiple, simultaneous workloads.

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Customer success story

“Developing the world-first built-in DVR System for automotive, safety, and reliability requirements are much higher when compared to third-party after-market solutions. Meeting these requirements was a core priority for our solution. We are glad to see Tuxera as one of our software partners that shares and demonstrates this value and look forward to continuing our co-operation.”

Cheon-Hyo Lee

Senior Managing Director of Yura Corporation


Why choose Tuxera Reliance Velocity

Get ultimate performance

Improve application responsiveness

Keep application latencies to a minimum. For data-heavy applications and video recording, Reliance Velocity is second to none. Our software keeps applications responsive with advanced allocation strategies and by avoiding logical fragmentation. This alleviates major challenges with intensive workloads. Plus, high read/write throughput and low CPU usage ensure highly responsive systems.

Extend memory lifetime

Extend flash memory lifetime

Put the brakes on flash memory wear-out. Reliance Velocity reduces memory degradation with remarkably low data fragmentation, efficient read and write operations, and advanced wear prevention features that assist the underlying flash controller – such as online discard and fitrim. Our proprietary optimizations reduce flash memory wear by up to 63% and increase flash memory lifetime by up to 3.2 times.

Protect data integrity

Protect system integrity

Errors, power loss, or crashes can cause data loss – or worse – system damage. Atomic writes and intelligent write order ensure videos and other data are reliably saved even during an unexpected power loss or system crash. In case of a hardware fault, Reliance Velocity also comes with check and repair tools to fix corrupted volumes, and recover lost files.

Fast mount time

Fast mount time

After power loss or a system crash, the system must recover rapidly. In these so-called “dirty” situations, Reliance Velocity mounts on average 2X faster than the open-source alternatives. No matter the situation, you can always count on Reliance Velocity to have consistently low mount time.

Secure down to the core

Secure down to the core

Add an extra layer of data protection. Reliance Velocity supports encryption with fscrypt and secure boot with dm-verity.

Full service technical support

Full service technical support

The largest team of file systems experts – at your service. We offer comprehensive R&D support including integration, testing, benchmarking, and product- and platform-specific optimizations. Plus our engineers are on call to help you.

Technical data

Supported architectures

All modern architectures such as ARM64, x86_64, and more.

Operating systems

Linux, Android, QNX. Porting possible for any 32- or 64-bit RTOS, including proprietary operating systems.

Storage hardware

Support for all flash-based storage types like eMMC, UFS, SD card, CF Express, and SSD.

Standards conformance

Complies with POSIX standard.



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Case studies

Success story – Yura Corporation selects Reliance Velocity for robust data handling in its built-in automotive DVR system

Yura Corporation specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing automotive parts including wiring harnesses…


Demo video

When to use Tuxera Reliance Velocity

Reliance Velocity is the ideal file system for modern infotainment, clusters, telematics units, and drive recorders running on Linux, Android and QNX. It is also well suited for systems using hypervisors or consolidated storage environments.

IVI, infotainment, and digital cluster

Infotainment and cluster


DVR and dashcam

Automotive event recorder and telematics


Reliance Velocity - High-performance file system for embedded flash memory

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