Tuxera HFS+ Embedded file system implementation

file_system_iconTuxera HFS+ Embedded

The first choice for seamless compatibility with Mac OS X

High Performance

Speedy mount and boot times ensure fast access to the files. The users can stream multiple recordings at the same time with no interruption or a drop in performance. Tuxera HFS+ brings extended battery lifetime for video recording and playback.


Seamless Connectivity

Tuxera HFS+ brings fast and always reliable data transfer and sharing via SMB and Mac-formatted USB storage.
Efficiency at every step of the way.


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Tuxera HFS+ is widely used in popular networking and media devices such as NAS, routers and home gateways, wireless Wi-Fi drives and more.
It’s the first choice for seamless Mac interoperability.

Market-leading HFS+ implementation

Fully featured and optimized Tuxera HFS+ Embedded is the first choice of key industry chipsets and hardware manufacturers as well as system integrators to ensure seamless interoperability with Mac computers.

Tuxera provides fully featured HFS+ solutions for chipset and hardware manufacturers as well as software and system integrators to ensure seamless interoperability with Mac computers.

Supported Operating Systems Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Tizen, and Windows.
Hardware Platforms ARM, x86, x86-84, MIPS, PowerPC, SH4 and more.
Full Interoperability Support for all HFS+ versions (HFS+/HFSX) including Mac OS X Samba, and storage media types including SD, CF Card, USB, SSD, HDD via USB, SATA, eSATA, FireWire, MMC, eMMC, SDIO for smooth data portability.
Unmatched Scalability No practical limit in number of files, folders, file sizes, and partition sizes.
High-Performance Active caching, advanced algorithms and data structures ensure maximum I/O throughput for both small and large files, and high IOPS for file operations.
Solid Reliability Rigorous quality assurance, wide deployment, and fault-tolerant design guarantee outstanding file system robustness.

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