Reduce your hassle and costs in selecting embedded flash memory

Let our experts guide you in selecting cost-effective, highly performant, and robust storage solutions. With realistic workloads for your specific use case, Tuxera’s award-winning flash testing service provides insights beyond common flash memory performance and endurance benchmark testing. Our testing can also reveal unexpected flash device behavior under your planned use case and identify possible failure points early in the development phase.

Tuxera embedded flash memory tests

Our advanced system-level test offering consists of several individual packages including workload analysis, lifetime testing, power fail-safety testing, and environmental testing. Depending on your needs, the tests can be bundled together to create a fully customized package to meet your design needs.

Workload analysis

Analyze and validate configuration for performance and lifetime targets

With Workload Analysis, we find opportunities to improve the efficiency of your platform. Working together with you, we do a deep-dive analysis of the project workload in context of your performance and lifetime targets. The results of Tuxera’s Workload Analysis give you the optimal configurations for your system and data management solutions.

Lifetime Testing and Cost Analysis

Validate storage lifetime under custom workloads to informed product decisions for managed flash devices

While datasheets from flash memory vendors are a good source of truth about their products, they do not give a holistic estimate of flash lifetime. When considering lifetime testing, it’s important to test how the file system, flash device, and applications all work together. Tuxera’s Lifetime Testing is used to verify the desired flash parts will meet their expected lifetime according to the intended use case. With this information, you can make informed choices on hardware, potentially bringing substantial cost savings.

Power Fail-Safety Testing

Comprehensively test fault tolerance to ensure system and data reliability

Unexpected power losses can lead to corrupted data – or even worse – corrupt the whole partition. Understanding how the flash device and file system work together in power loss scenarios is crucial. Tuxera’s Power Fail-safety Testing uses our proprietary test suite to simulate several real-world power-down cases. The result is a comprehensive understanding of the fault tolerance in the entire storage stack.

Environmental and Data Retention Testing

Validate device behavior throughout lifetime under different environmental conditions

Embedded device manufacturers have long lifetime requirements for their products. As a flash device ages, its capacity to retain data decreases drastically, which can lead to memory corruption. Tuxera’s Environmental and Data Retention Testing determines the device’s behavior and reliability under extreme conditions, and whether the device can hold data for a targeted duration when powered off.

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How Tuxera flash memory testing works


We start by gathering a clear understanding of your use case and your desired targets, including improved storage or overall device performance, better customer or end-user experiences, power fail-safety, endurance, or other needs.


Next, we take a deep dive into the system design – the hardware and software used in the storage stack, and applications using the storage.


Tuxera creates a custom test package built around these requirements and inputs.


We provide regular status updates with detailed information about the testing progress.


Once the testing is complete, we deliver a detailed report of the findings to guide you in choosing the best storage solution for your systems.

Why choose Tuxera as your flash memory testing partner?

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Customer problem-solving is our company cornerstone. We have decades of experience working with car manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers, and device OEMs, helping them to solve complex challenges in data management and storage media performance.

Top storage and flash expertise

Tuxera has a world-leading team of file system, flash media, software test, and Linux kernel experts ready to assist our customers in developing the optimal storage stack for their specific requirements and targets.

Strong flash technology partnerships

We also have close relationships with the leading chipset makers, flash memory manufacturers, and operating software companies. This close cooperation means we have deep understanding of how to get the maximum performance, lifetime, and reliability, no matter the platform.

Let’s find the best hardware-software combinations for your storage stack.

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