Along with commercial development we continue to contribute towards open source community through Tuxera NTFS Community Edition. The package includes popular NTFS-3G driver and ntfsprogs projects, maintained and updated on regular bases. You can find more information about the software on Tuxera Community.

In late February we published a new update: version 2014.2.15.

The following summary lists some of the included improvements and major changes in the driver:

  • libntfs: added use of hd library to get the legacy BIOS geometry
  • libntfs: switched to /proc/mounts for checking existing mounts
  • libntfs: fixed usa checking by ntfsck on 4K sector disks
  • libntfs: fixed processing compressed data beyond file size (Windows 8 compliance)
  • libntfs: fixed expanding a resident attribute without inserting holes
  • libntfs: allow DACLs to not have any ACE
  • libntfs: ignore unmapped regions when checking whether sparse
  • libntfs: upgraded the Win32 interface for use with ntfsprogs
  • ntfsresize: enabled relocating the MFT when shrinking a volume
  • ntfsresize: fixed trying to update the MFT and Bitmap on a test run
  • ntfsresize: fixed updating all the MFT runs in a relocated MFT
  • ntfsresize: set the backup boot sector when the size is reliable
  • ntfsresize: reserved a single sector for the backup boot sector
  • ntfsundelete: output the modification time when scanning files
  • ntfsundelete: ported to Windows
  • ntfsclone: fixed wiping fragmented metadata when creating a metadata image
  • ntfsclone: allowed cloning a file system despite allocation errors
  • ntfsclone: fixed bad copying of the backup boot sector
  • ntfsclone: ported to Windows
  • ntfsdecrypt: made compatible with libgrypt-1.6

Thanks go to all the contributors!

For a high-performance, fail-safe commercial version with advanced features, see Tuxera NTFS for embedded systems and Mac OS X. Together with our other file systems solutions and related products it is widely deployed across industries.