We are dedicated to developing reliable, safe, and secure products and services that enable you to do more with your devices. Changes in market demand, advances in technology, and other considerations drive our product offering. With these factors in mind, we announce that Tuxera SafeFLASH will reach the end of general support in December 2024.

What is Tuxera SafeFLASH?

SafeFLASH is a flash file system developed by HCC Embedded, now part of Tuxera. Initially launched in 2004, SafeFLASH is an innovative storage technology, developed to optimize the embedded systems and flash media of that time. As more of our customers adopt modern hardware platforms and environments, we are taking steps to ensure they can make the most out of their systems – and their data.

Explore your options during 2024

Our aim is to make this change the most seamless experience possible for you, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Right now, we’re reaching out to our customers to understand their current requirements and future plans. To make your choice as informed as possible, we are publicly providing the options we offer for navigating through the end of general support for SafeFLASH.

Option 1. Upgrade future projects to Tuxera’s Reliance file systems and flash management products

Our Reliance family of specialized file systems and our flash management software is built to address the most demanding requirements of the embedded industry. Here is a brief overview of the options we have to enable the features and functionality of SafeFLASH in your future designs:

  • Tuxera Reliance EdgeNAND™ file system for SPI NAND, with an integrated flash translation layer that protects critical system and user data from corruption.
  • Tuxera Reliance Edge™ power fail-safe file system with a small footprint for resource-constrained systems.
  • FlashFX family flash controllers: Robust flash translation layers and block device interfaces to any application or file system using raw NAND or NOR devices.

Get in touch with us and let’s determine together the best Reliance file system for your future project based on your use case, your environment, storage workloads, and requirements.

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Option 2. Tuxera Extended Lifetime Support Program

Our products are deployed in billions of devices, and in many cases, in mission-critical production environments that must be operational for several decades. SafeFLASH customers that do not, or cannot, consider other data management options for their devices, can opt for our Extended Lifetime Support Program. The service extends support for five years beyond the end of the general support date, and is only available to those customers with existing support and maintenance contracts.

Tuxera Extended Lifetime Support Program for Tuxera SafeFlash

Product Commercial release date End of general support End of extended lifetime support
Tuxera SafeFLASH (formerly HCC Embedded) June 2004 December 2024 December 2029

Follow the link below to learn more about our program for SafeFLASH.

Tuxera Extended Lifetime Support