Boosts Connectivity in Digital Home through 5G Wi-Fi Router Ecosystem

Helsinki, Finland and Barcelona, Spain – 25 February 2014 – Tuxera Inc., the leader in interoperable file system solutions, is excited to announce an active cooperation with leading mobile broadband partners and customers. Broadband industry is adopting the latest 5G level 802.11ac technology and high-speed Vectored VDSL to support future connected home solutions showcased at Mobile World Congress 2014. The new generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi router ecosystem is a result of combined OEMs, chipset vendors and ODMs efforts.

Nowadays wireless storage routers connect phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops and TVs to the network and with each other inside the home. This increasingly multi-device, multi-user and multi-service environment requires higher speeds and capacity, particularly important for uninterrupted Ultra HD video streaming and seamless access to the data stored in the cloud. Tuxera optimized storage solutions for the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection help take a full advantage of expanded bandwidth and higher capacity by increasing substantially the observed speed and maximizing the hardware use.

“802.11ac brings massive capacity and network performance advancements driving the number of network powered applications. Software on the routers must have the capacity to handle all the data growth smoothly and reliably. ABI Research is expecting more than 3.5 billion 802.11ac chipsets to ship by 2018,” commented Phil Solis, Research Director at ABI Research.

Cloud services, USB 3.0 ports and media servers are some of the key features of the high-end routers and media gateways. Tuxera solutions optimized for broadband bring enriched user experience for home entertainment through advanced PVR editing, NAS enhancement and cloud based file browsing and indexing.

“There is an increasing demand in the broadband industry for combined NAS and PVR functionalities, which require very high performance. With our solutions optimized for Samba and USB 3.0 connections, we can leverage on the newest generation of broadband chipsets, boosting performance by 4 to 6 times,” commented Szabolcs Szakacsits, Tuxera’s President and CTO. “We provide much faster file systems at a significantly reduced CPU usage.”