Ranking as one of the top 10 companies, the company maintains its company culture, while exploring new verticals and continuously showcasing its storage software expertise.

Helsinki, Finland – February 16, 2018 – For the fourth year in a row, Tuxera is awarded as a Great Place to Work. The company ranks as number 9 in the list. During the year, Tuxera maintained its headcount of over 70 employees worldwide, while exploring a new vertical of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). All the while, the company continued the development of storage software that powers more than 1 billion devices.

“Tuxera is continuously growing, whether it’s in headcount growth, geographical expansion, or exploration of new business verticals. In an agile environment like ours, it’s vital to put people first. It is always a priority for us to maintain a flexible and productive environment that allows people to work and collaborate in their own style,” says Satu Muilu, Head of People Operations.

Great relationships are built on trust

As the company continues to grow, it maintains its flat organizational structure, which encourages product development and business ideas that come directly from Tuxera’s employees. The company envisions its internal operations as a collaborative community, where creativity and innovation are celebrated within the organization. Building on this idea, the company refreshed its values in 2017, using a consensus-driven approach which included the perspectives of all Tuxerians. Tuxera also embraces its global mindset, demonstrating this through the 17 nationalities represented among Tuxera employees.

“We always keep working on innovative software products, while maintaining our financial results. People are given the opportunity to work on something global and exciting, but also have confidence in the company.  Startup culture, combined with financial stability, and an opportunity to work on global innovative projects – I think this is what makes Tuxera a great place to work,” says Mikko Välimäki, CEO of Tuxera.

“We are proud to receive this award once again,” continues Mikko. “More importantly, the selection process, followed by the results of the anonymous survey, allows us to have a detailed understanding of what we should improve as a company. We always put efforts into listening to our employees and the Great Place to Work survey results give us the opportunity to follow up on that transparently.”

10 years and looking forward

This year, Tuxera will reach an important milestone – the company celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Throughout this time, Tuxera grew from a small startup to a mid-sized growth company with more than 70 people worldwide. This rapid growth is directly connected with Tuxera’s business success. The company has shown strong financial results year after year and continues to be the global leader within its field of expertise. Adding to that, 99% of Tuxera’s income comes from outside of Finland, which makes the company a Finnish exporter that attracts capital to the country, as well as an ideal example for other local entrepreneurs.