Tuxera Delivers Complete Interoperable File System Package to TI’s OMAP Platform

Offers Device Manufacturers High-performance, Built-in SDXC and USB Interoperability Across Devices From Android Phones and Tablets to Windows and Mac Computers

Helsinki, FINLAND <December 21, 2011>. Tuxera Inc., the leading provider of Windows-compatible file systems for Android, Linux, Mac and other platforms, today announced cross-platform interoperability with the OMAP™ smart multicore applications processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Further establishing its commitment to continued optimization on the OMAP platform, Tuxera also announced today it has joined TI’s Developer Network.

In the first phase, Tuxera exFAT, NTFS and HFS+ file systems have been successfully integrated, optimized and tested on the latest OMAP 4 processors.

Tuxera’s mission is to make sure that any TI OMAP developer can build devices that have high-performance, built-in interoperability across ecosystems from Android phones and tablets to Windows and Mac PCs. This effort ensures that any developer working on the OMAP platform can bring new features and capabilities to mobile phones and other portable and converged multimedia electronics. With Tuxera solutions inside, consumers experience plug-and-play interoperability with their latest generation SD memory cards, USB hard drives and other portable media.

“As embedded experts, Tuxera brings tighter integration of hardware and software to new devices, reaching the highest possible performance without sacrificing interoperability, reliability and battery life,” said Mikko Välimäki, Tuxera CEO. “With Tuxera’s award-winning file system interoperability package OMAP developers have the confidence of a trusted solution to build robust interoperable devices with less time to market.”

“Tuxera’s innovative file system solutions offer consumers very fast and hassle-free connectivity to high-capacity SDXC memory cards as well as Windows and Mac formatted USB storages,” said Fred Cohen, director, OMAP user experience team, TI.   “Together with the OMAP platform’s high performance at ultra-low power,  consumers can store and enjoy their growing media libraries on ever larger portable storages for significantly longer periods of time.”

Tuxera NTFS, exFAT and HFS+ are now available for current and future TI OMAP customers. For more information please contact .