New flash file system provides compact, reliable solution with lightning performance.

NUREMBERG, Germany, and ESPOO, Finland – February 24, 2020 – Tuxera, the industry leader in quality-assured embedded file systems software, has released Reliance EdgeNAND, a fully integrated flash file system for managing decision-quality data in high-reliability devices. Reliance EdgeNAND combines optimal fail-safety with rapid responsiveness and cost-efficiency, and is bolstered by Tuxera’s award-winning technical support – providing a compact yet complete storage solution for systems with NAND flash.

Refining NAND for a truly optimal solution

“In speaking closely with our customers, we identified a demand for a small footprint file system that worked with NAND flash, for use in automotive and industrial internet of things (IoT) devices,” says Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager at Tuxera. “Reliance EdgeNAND is the culmination of that customer-focused communication and product development, and has been created to provide users of SPI NAND with a streamlined, highly reliable software solution for managing data on these devices.”

SPI NAND’s primary advantage over other forms of flash is its cost efficiency. Traditionally, it has remained a satisfactory, if suboptimal alternative to parallel NAND due to slower read data speed. At the same time, NOR flash has shown better reliability. However, Reliance EdgeNAND overcomes these limitations with smart software tools like wear leveling and error correction – ensuring fast recovery and minimal mount times while protecting data from corruption or power loss. These improvements allow for SPI NAND to equal parallel NAND and NOR flash in speed and fail-safety, while remaining cost-efficient.

A sharper cutting edge to embedded storage

Reliance EdgeNAND further expands Tuxera’s already comprehensive premium software solution portfolio, giving customers more choice for their flash storage needs.

“We are excited to be launching this new product,” says Szabolcs Szakacsits, President and CTO of Tuxera. “Our Reliance Edge and Reliance Nitro solutions are used in millions of devices, and feature our Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology, which incorporates deterministic file system operations and atomic writes. These features ensure optimal levels of data reliability. Also, our file system API makes implementation easier to any RTOS, or even a simple scheduler loop.

What we’re continuously doing is finding ways to push the file system storage industry forward, by designing cutting edge answers to specific customer needs. With Reliance EdgeNAND, Tuxera is broadening the landscape of file system solutions, and our customers will now have even more tools with which to solve their unique data storage challenges.”

Reliance EdgeNAND is positioned to provide a unique blend of reliability and fast data recovery in a cost-efficient package, safeguarding critical data in a vast range of devices where security and responsiveness is paramount – wearables, industrial IoT, automotive, medical, military, and aerospace.