The companies announce a joint cooperation focusing on improving boot times for IVI, cluster, ADAS, and EDR solutions

CES 2019 – Las Vegas, Nevada – January 7, 2019 – Tuxera, the world leading storage software and networking technology company, announced its partnership with Ubiquitous AI Corporation, a world leading embedded software development company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The companies are proud to announce a partnership focused on bringing high-performance cold boot solutions to the automotive industry.

“We’re excited to announce our cooperation. Tuxera has long-standing expertise in driving embedded technology across regions. Working together with Ubiquitous AI Corporation, we are bringing the best-in-class cold boot solution to new customers. Our aim is to improve user experience for IVI and cluster systems and help automotive Tier-1s and OEMs meet their safety and regulatory requirements for cold boot scenarios. We look forward to working together with Ubiquitous AI Corporation,” says Masashi Kuroko, Japan Country Manager of Tuxera.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Tuxera. Ubiquitous AI Corporation has a long history of developing advanced embedded software solutions and in working together with Tuxera, we will be able to bring the latest innovations to new customers,” says Satoshi Hasegawa, President, Ubiquitous AI Corporation.

Automotive cold boot

A cold boot scenario happens when a device is booting from a no power state. This can happen in multiple cases, for example, when a car starts or when there is a loss of battery power. In Automotive applications, the system is expected to fully regain its functionality within seconds, as modern electronics systems include critical features that must be accessible at all times. This need is driven by safety and regulatory requirements that have to be fulfilled in the majority of automotive electronics, such as EDR, IVI, cluster, and ADAS solutions.

Combining Tuxera’s global expertise in embedded technology adoption and Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s state-of-the-art software, the companies envision strong growth for their joint fast boot offering.

About Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of embedded and large storage technologies. From the latest flagship smartphones, to connected cars, and petabyte storage applications—Tuxera’s software makes data-intensive operations fast, reliable, and easy to maintain. Tuxera’s quality-assured products and services ensure data consistency and storage safety in more than 1 billion embedded devices. While for enterprises, Tuxera’s solutions maintain data integrity and availability for mission-critical distributed storage infrastructures. The company is an active member of multiple standard organizations, including JEDEC, AGL, IIC, SD Association, and many others. Founded in 2008, Tuxera’s headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, India, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the US. Learn more at

About Ubiquitous AI Corporation

A world leader in Embedded Software development, Ubiquitous AI Corporation (TYO:3858) has been at the forefront of technological advancement with it’s Small, Fast and Light ethos.  Every year millions of new devices containing Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s software are sold worldwide.  Ubiquitous AI Corporation is also a leading software distributor, acting as a gateway to Japan for global software companies. Please visit us at