Tuxera achieves Future Workplaces certificate, highlighting an ongoing commitment to employee wellbeing and care.

As companies grow larger and expand internationally, it’s not always easy to maintain a workplace environment that nurtures employee development and wellbeing.

This spring sees Tuxera welcome its 100th employee. That’s a big leap in headcount from where the company was at, for example, just two years ago. In the face of that kind of rapid growth and change, how have we at Tuxera dealt with the challenge of refining our employee branding and our culture of coaching?

Opening the toolbox for employee empowerment

Since its founding in 2008 by Szabolcs Szakacsits, employee experience and company culture have always been an important part of Tuxera. In order to provide excellent support to our customers, we first need to take care of each other – our teammates. This means coaching, mentorship, and leadership that empowers employee decision making and self-development.

However, when engineering is in your company’s DNA, tinkering with tools for an improved work culture is natural. And with professionals from all around the globe, we need tools to understand our employee experience and culture even better than before. With fast growth and Tuxera’s drive to always try something new, we keep looking at new methods and tools for providing continued high-quality support to our employees.

Siqni® is one of those tools. This Finnish employee insight survey tool has allowed us to run detailed employee surveys and gain data that can help us plan strategies for improved employee support, coaching, and wellbeing. With Siqni, we wanted to develop a better understanding of our employees’ passions and needs. Our goal was a more complete, nuanced, and actionable picture of our employees’ thoughts and desires. With that kind of information, we are able to get a stronger understanding of where we could do even better as a team, and plan for future initiatives.

So far, things have worked well – we even achieved the Future Workplaces certificate, thanks to highly positive results in our survey. To quote the Siqni company founder Panu Luukka, “The certification isn’t awarded by Siqni, but rather it’s a symbol of recognition by Tuxera’s own professionals.”

We are really proud of this achievement, and it’s an example of the right direction and steps we’re taking to keep prioritizing the wellbeing of our people.

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Fostering employee empowerment across the globe

It’s no surprise that as this company has grown in both size and geographic scope, providing a work environment that fosters the ongoing support of our professionals has been a priority.

Tuxera is at a point where I think it can genuinely call itself a truly international company. I mentioned above that we have hit a hundred employees – at this point, we have people from 21 different countries. In the last half year alone, we have welcomed professionals from all over the world, including Croatia, Romania, Canada, and Australia.

With that growth comes the need to ensure Tuxera can scale up in order to strategically provide strong support and mentorship to all of our employees.

“In 2020, we focused on developing leadership skills of the people in our organization dedicated to taking care of our great people. Though called Team Leads, they’re not managing teams in the traditional sense. Instead, the focus is on providing coaching and support to Tuxerians,” says Tuukka Ahoniemi, our CEO. “This improvement was not only driven by upscaling, but also to cope with remote work during the current pandemic – a unique global situation that has really highlighted the need to focus on peoples’ wellbeing.”

Continuous development of our work culture has been ongoing for a long time. Tuxera participated and was awarded Great Place to Work during the years 2015–2019. That was an achievement we’ve been quite proud of, and we believe it’s another sign of cultivating our work culture towards the right direction.

Final thoughts

Though the focus has been – and still is – on attracting talented, passionate professionals, we were extremely happy to receive the Siqni Future Workplace certification. This is, however, just one step on the road to continued understanding and support of our employees. We’re continually working to keep our employees feeling empowered, connected, and supported. And with the right tools and highly strategic leadership, this journey is only beginning.


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