Worldwide demand for action cameras is forecasted to reach 9 million units by 2018. Desire to stay always connected and be able to capture and instantly share moments to social media are some of the main driving forces in this high growth market. Importance of outdoors actives and growing interest in emerging consumer electronics categories are close second.

Product distribution is uniquely life-centric with focus on customer’s lifestyle such as surfing, paragliding or mountain biking. Small size, ability to mount the camera on any surface and impressive POV (Point-of-View) footage make action cameras incredibly popular with extreme sports enthusiasts. Apps and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity remove the problem of taking exciting photos and videos and never getting around to post them. To make it even easier, integrated sensors will register action points in the video to pull up the best bits.

The Role of File Systems in High Speed Video Recording

TomTom BanditCutting-edge video features and excellent still image-quality are what end users are after. 1080P at 120 frames per second and 4K at 30 frames per second are the new standards and the next big thing on the camera market. Since video recording and such require substantial write throughput, the devices might not be able to achieve the promised speed due to file fragmentation, write amplification and many other factors. That’s where Tuxera comes in: file systems play an important role in optimizing the hardware for the highest possible performance.

Our software helps cameras and recorders achieve the highest possible data read and write speeds, enabling everyone to record videos and capture photos in the highest resolution.

If you are a lucky owner of TomTom’s Bandit, thanks to Tuxera you can easily store your photos and videos on high capacity microSD cards. Power-safe Tuxera exFAT also ensures that they will never get lost during storage or battery removal.

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