Blue waves and an old town outing – Tuxera’s summer party 2019

Each year, we like to throw a summer party for everyone at Tuxera. Sometimes it’s a table tennis tournament or a trip to Nuuksio (the national park in southern Finland), but in every case it’s a chance for Tuxerians to connect on a personal level and have a blast.

Our company kicked off this year’s summer party early on a bright Thursday morning. We took a charter boat from Helsinki harbor towards the city of Porvoo, giving us a good three-hour boat trip just to hang out with our colleagues and enjoy the coastal sights.

Once off the boat we headed straight to lunch, since there’s no party without food. We had the good fortune of getting our new CEO Tuukka to join us, and everybody had a chance to chat with him while enjoying food, drinks, and the good weather. Afterwards we had time to wander around the city, experiencing the sights and sounds of Porvoo’s Old Town, before heading back to Helsinki on a charter bus.

This party proved to be a particularly good opportunity to catch up with our summer employees on how they’ve felt about their time at Tuxera.

“Before applying to Tuxera I had been following their story for some time, so when I heard I was recruited there as a summer trainee I was very excited to start,” says Aki Utoslahti. “During the summer, I was surrounded by brilliant minds and a great work culture, and at the same time felt very welcome. My summer trainee experience has been fruitful as it taught me much about working in software development, and in the end, also resulted in a permanent contract. I’m fortunate to continue my exciting journey at Tuxera while pursuing MSc in Computer Science.”

Our summer party this year was a fun little excursion, and an example of how Tuxerians like to have fun. So why not join us and experience the next Tuxera party?



Professional aspirations and motivational secrets at Tuxera

An ever-increasing array of devices are powered by Tuxera. But what, begs the question, powers Tuxerians? As we all know, technology itself isn’t enough—there are days when there’s simply more work than time, and stress that can’t be burned off in the ping-pong room.

We recently caught up with some of our Tuxerians to hear precisely what makes them tick. We wanted to gain an honest insight into what drives our people, and what makes them happy to come to work every day.

From novice to creator

“In 2016 when I joined as a summer trainee, I was quite the rookie, driven by a desire to improve myself and learn new things. While a respectable principle in itself, it is too vague without measurable goals. Especially back then, when almost everything was new to me.

Along the way I've learned to set targets for myself, such as getting a patch in there, or fixing a problem here. Achieving those targets is a great source of professional pride, like when I'm able to say that a certain TV or other device has a small piece of me inside. I'd naturally want as many devices as possible to contain something that I have contributed towards. Conveniently, this is also beneficial to Tuxera. When I do my job well, Tuxera wins. And when Tuxera gets more partners and customers—I get to do my thing.”

— Mikael, Software Engineer

Boundlessly learning

“I joined  Tuxera as a Junior Web developer right before graduating university. It was a dream come true, and still is. I learned so much while working here, and I continue learning every day. I love working on UX, and hope to bring our website to new levels of awesomeness.”

— Tanya, Web Developer

New challenges, familiar joys

“I’ve always liked how I’ve been allowed to learn new things and face new challenges, since I’m a strong believer that in order to grow we must move out of our comfort zones. That is why I so much enjoyed working in the automotive industry—even though a car is always a car, in every single project there are new opportunities and challenges.

What attracted me to Tuxera was the fact that I could still be in touch with the automotive industry, and at the same time learn about software development processes, which I had never done before. Most importantly, the people at Tuxera have allowed me to be myself, without “office politics,” since as an engineer I’m always more focused on facts and data, but with a human element at the center.

In the future, I hope I can contribute to bringing Tuxera to the next level, so we can get a better foothold in the automotive sector, where the need for information storage is growing exponentially. I also expect that with the new processes and approaches we’re trying, we can develop the next generation of solutions that could give us an edge over our competition. Hopefully, doing these things can also help me grow both personally and professionally.”

— Jesus Cabrera, Project Manager

Building an engaging future

“I see Tuxera filesystems becoming a de facto standard for filesystems in the global market. From embedded to enterprise, Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, IoT to Big Data—there is a huge need for filesystems and storage everywhere.
I see no limit—instead I see a massive demand for filesystems and storage in the upcoming years.”

— Anoop, DevOps Lead Engineer

Let's make it work

In our company, we believe staying inspired together allows us to achieve anything. Do we want to go to the moon? Yes. Can we reach Mars? You bet.

Find out firsthand what it’s like to work at Tuxera.


Have you gotten enough D3 today?

As many people in the northern parts of the world know and can relate to, the darkness of winter can be hard to face. It’s dark when you enter the office and it’s dark when you leave. The only light you see might be your screen illuminating the room or halogen lights piercing your eyes throughout the day.

While Finnish people may have developed ways to cope with the darkness over their lifetime, people who move to Finland might not be prepared for how much the darkness affects them. One way in which Finns cope is to take Vitamin D supplements. In many places around the world, Vitamin D is produced in sufficient amounts through sunlight exposure throughout the year.

But not here.

Finnish people are used to taking all kinds of vitamins, especially during the colder months, and Vitamin D supplements are considered a given. But to our international residents, having to supplement Vitamin D for good health may be “lost in the translation.”

Vitamin D3 freebee

At Tuxera, we have workers from 18 different nationalities—so it’s important to the wellbeing of the company as a whole that this information is passed on to those that relocate to join us. But even for those of us who regularly take vitamin supplements, how much do we truly know about the impact of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals on our wellbeing?

To combat the winter’s effects and to keep our heads better in the game, we asked our company healthcare provider, Terveystalo, to come to our brightly lit headquarters and give us a short introduction to these topics. We also gave a three-month supply of Vitamin D as a gift to all Tuxerians—in hopes to keep everyone energetic throughout the darker months.

Interested in a career with Tuxera?


Girls in Tech Helsinki - Skills Bootcamp

During the weekend Tuxera office catered roughly 70 women as we sponsored and helped organize Girls in Tech Skills Bootcamp in our headquarters. Both Saturday and Sunday were filled with workshops and presentations. Also present were coaches and inspirational speakers from all different kind of areas. We wanted to gather women in the technology field (or who want to enter the field) together so they could learn from each other, make new connections, and be inspired and motivated by others.


To give a well-rounded experience and understanding there were different kind of modules to suit different interests and needs of women attending. All modules had coaches and workshops to help introduce the subject and make it more coherent also for those who might have ventured into the subject for the first time.
The Bootcamp Modules during the weekend were:

  • Programming - Dip your toes into the waters of web-programming  (Whether  you are in basic / intermediate or advanced levels we've got something for you)
  • Service Design - Learn more about customer journey and other useful techniques for designing user centered services
  • Leadership - Find your inner strengths
  • Sales and Negotiations - Understand other people better and learn to communicate effectively
  • Venture Building - Learn about building and growing your own company

Both days started with a light breakfast to help to keep energy up during the scheduled workshops and lunch to give all attendees time to network as well. On Saturday DJs were also on hand to help people relax and loosen up after a long first day of work.


The event was first of its kind and created a lot of interest before and after the weekend. It gave attendees the possibility to network with peers, meet professionals already working in the industry as well as gave them new skills or the possibility to spruce up some old ones.

Thank you for all who attended this weekend! We wish everybody got something out of this bootcamp and hope to see you again!


Tuxera Open Days: Student Excursion

On Wednesday the 2nd we hosted a student excursion (commonly known as student excu) from Aalto University. We had roughly 20 students here in the offices getting to know the company, our people, enjoying our office perks, and eating pizza with us!


The topics ranged from being employed by Tuxera to the products that Tuxera powers as well as getting an inside look to a young, growing IT company in a multicultural environment. It's hopefully motivating for the students to see what they might be able to do in the future and fruitful for Tuxera to see what kind of talents we can find for the future.

And, in true Tuxera style, we wanted to offer the students snacks and pizza so they would feel relaxed and get to know how working in Tuxera would be like.

Company Day(s)

On Thursday and Friday we had the biggest internal event of the year: the Company Day. It is an event that all our consultants and employees living abroad come to and where we discuss all aspects of the business and company.

The event started on Thursday with some workshops and meetings. In the evening, for a lighter touch, we went to play paintball. Friday was the main day with updates and reviews of the year from nine in the morning until half past two in the afternoon. To make the day easier we had lunch catered to the office from Fafa's: pita, falafel, chicken couscous... With a hearty meal we were ready to continue with the rest of the more formal part of the day. The informal festivities started with cake from Juustokakkutehdas and some proper company day activities such as wine tasting and a bartender school. And of course the most exciting part - the ping pong tournament.


After the new tournament title holder was awarded his statue, we headed for a dinner at Presto. Some ended the evening there, some decided to continue. It is not often to have everyone in the same place. Even though the day(s) are hard and we hold many meetings, it is always a very much expected event. And now we have wait another year for the next one...




Wellness Week

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 13.47.20
As our jobs require us to do a lot of sitting in the office, we also want to balance it with activities, like the in-house table tennis room. This year we decided to start autumn off with a full week dedicated to healthy choices and well-being: the wellness week.

Our week starts with an energizing yoga here in our office and in the afternoon we will have some fun doing smoothies together for a good snack. Not only drinking them but also doing them together will bring some new wind for the almost-normal office life we have here.

Tuesday will be a bit more serious with influenza vaccinations and ergonomic check-ups that are really important for all of us who sit a lot in front of our computers. Also a body composition measurement is in the list for all those who might want to see how their body is doing.

Morning porridge done together in our kitchen is the perfect start for Wednesday! Light cooking together and adding some fun, and maybe even new, ingredients to the start of the day – and, of course, eating – will be a nice touch in the middle of the week. Especially since we will need our strength in the afternoon when we will go and try Brazilian jiu-jitsu together.

Smoothies are also in the menu for Thursday but this time they’ll be done in the morning so we will all have energy for the rest of the week. And just to make the end of the week easier, we will have a different type of yoga in the office to spruce us up.

Friday we want to take an after-lunch walk for refreshment of the mind and body as well as to see how our neighbourhood of Ruoholahti looks like in the autumn. The fresh air also serves us well as for the end of the day we will have a health lecture and we need to be focused for that! We will get tidbits on how to make healthier life choices as well how our sleeping cycles affect us.

Throughout the week our kitchen will be loaded with healthier snacks as well as some posters to give everybody some food for thought on the importance of water and the affects sugary drinks have on us, for example.

Winter is coming but we will be ready!

Midnight Run 2015

Last Saturday 29th of August nine of us were representing Tuxera in the Midnight Run, a 10 kilometer fun-run held in Helsinki city center. What makes Midnight Run different from other races is its late start time and its lively atmosphere. There were different time categories so everybody was able to pick the goal that they felt was appropriate for them. For example, our CEO Mikko Välimäki was in the VIP category that was open only for experienced and awarded runners like him.

image3[1] image2 image4[1]

Throughout summer we had a weekly training run where everybody could participate even if they weren't taking part in the event itself. It was a nice opportunity to motivate each other to run and exercise while enjoying Finnish scenery and weather.

The event itself had an excellent atmosphere with energetic hosts and a wonderful route through Helsinki: from the Senate square to Kaivopuisto and around Katajanokka and Kruunuhaka. The warm summer night and the performances scattered around the route made the whole event fun for the participants and all the people who came to cheer the 11,000+ runners. There were small stages along the way with musical performances, such as a capella, samba, and fire performances, just to name a few.

We are all already waiting for next year's run and we hope to get an even bigger group from Tuxera to join the event!