The Baltic Sea is in a critical condition – it is one of the most polluted seas in the world. Low saline levels and shallow waters are partly to blame, but adding to the stress is the fact that 85 million people live around the sea. Tuxera’s employees are among them. That’s why we recently made a financial contribution to support the activities of the Baltic Sea Action Group, a non-profit organization that seeks to save the Baltic Sea. The most severe problem facing the sea today is eutrophication – most visibly seen as the greenish “bloom” on the water surface caused by nutrients that leak mainly from agriculture and the urban wastewaters. The leakages are amplified by the increasing rainfall caused by the climate change. Eutrophication causes the loss of biodiversity and creates oxygen depleted areas at the bottom of the sea know as dead zones. Since environmental problems are interwoven, so are the solutions. Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) gathers all the parties needed to save the Baltic Sea. This includes public bodies, politicians and companies. BSAG co-operates directly with over 250 organizations who have made a commitment to act for the Baltic Sea. For example, a cruise liner or a port operator can help by ensuring that no waste or wastewater is dumped into the sea. A beverage manufacturer or a bakery can help by buying crops for production only from environmentally sustainable farms. A design and advertising agency can help by creating a campaign to raise awareness around the Baltic Sea issues. Since we build software, Tuxera’s work is not directly linked to the Baltic Sea. However, our headquarters are located right by the sea and most of us enjoy the shoreline throughout the year. We’d like to help keep the environment clean and while the Baltic sea is vulnerable, it can still be saved if more action is taken immediately. It takes a long time for the ecosystem to improve. The drastic decline of the sea’s condition has been stopped but more work is needed.  If you live around the Baltic sea area, you can support BSAG’s activities through donations or company commitments. Elsewhere, you can also make a difference in your local ecosystem – the Gulf of Mexico, for example, is facing similar problems as the Baltic sea. Save Save