Securing industry certifications like ISO 9001 recognizes Tuxera’s commitment to continuously improve its quality management.

Tuxera recently reached an important milestone in our efforts to respond to customer requirements – ISO 9001 certification. We’d like to take a moment to reflect on the relevance of this achievement for us and for you. Working diligently towards this success signifies far more than what we’re able to do together as a team. It’s also a pledge of commitment to our customers, especially to those focused on meeting quality standards.

Why the ISO 9001 certification exists – and why it’s important

First published in 1987, ISO 9001 is an international standard specifying requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Companies adhere to this standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements in their products, services, and solutions. ISO 9001 is the most asked for standard in the ISO 9000 series, and within that series it’s the only standard which allows certification.

Over a million organizations have applied the ISO 9001 standard requirements to their quality management systems, highlighting its ubiquity as a quality standard. Every day we hear from long-time customers who themselves are adopting ISO 9001 and requiring certification from their suppliers.

Within multiple industries – such as automotive, enterprise, and aerospace and defense – achieving certifications like the ISO 9001 underscores Tuxera’s commitment to developing high-quality software that safeguards data integrity, accessibility, and lifetime.

How quality certifications fit into Tuxera’s story

The process of achieving the ISO certification was illuminating. Even though Tuxera has always operated from a place of high concern for quality and customer responsiveness, the documentation processes required for certification gave us a healthy view of quality assurance across our entire organization. No function was left behind – everyone from engineering, test teams, product management, sales, marketing, people operations (HR), operations, and management – supported each other through the documentation process.

After going through the discipline of precise process documentation – and then being audited by a third party – we discovered that Tuxera was already succeeding in quality assurance. What we learned in the assessment helped us refine all those things we were already implementing well, but it also helped us recognize the specific opportunities we had for doing things better. We gained vital clarity into actions we could take to improve.

Final thoughts

Tuxera is on a mission to create quality-assured software for the world’s leading companies. Certifications like ISO 9001 and Automotive SPICE help us to demonstrate to our customers and partners that we understand their quality needs – and also verify that we actively take steps to meet those needs as we work to build increasingly effective processes.

How does the ISO 9001 – and other industry standards – impact the choices you make in designing and building your products? Do you see value in working with a partner who is committed to achieving these certifications? Share your thoughts with us in LinkedIn or Twitter, or with us directly at .

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