Third and final day for us at this year’s CES kept us busy. Here’s a wrap up of some of the major trends that are close to what we do at Tuxera:

  • Wireless interoperability and remote management
  • There’s currently a lot of approaches for wireless streaming inside the home. There’s DLNA, there’s Airplay, there’s WiDi and there’s a host of proprietary company specific approaches. Some companies presented simple solutions just to get old devices into the connected world. A good example is Skifta from Qualcomm Atheros, basically a small wifi box with audio out. You control the thing with a mobile app.

  • Android is the innovation platform
  • Android is everywhere and getting better every year as we go. At least I came to the conclusion the latest Android 4 phones on display have passed Apple in both form factor and specs. Android is clearly the leading innovation platform, the one where all the cool hardware and system software innovation takes place first. Both Apple and Microsoft are seriously trailing in that regard. Still, despite Google’s “Smart Home” talk where Android runs also inside your refrigerator it is still too early to say Google would end up being the interface in all devices in the future. What has been demoed on Android will work on other Linux based systems as well.