Data storage management leader builds success through modern employee-centric culture.

Tuxera has been awarded the Future Workplaces certificate from The Significant Company. The award acknowledges our organization’s commitment to an employee-led culture, which fosters and inspires the next generation of software engineers, marketers, and salespeople through employee empowerment and well-being.

The Future Workplaces certificate underscores our performance on The Significant Company’s Siqni employee insight assessment system. Our employees identified their five top criteria for a great place to work and gave the company overwhelmingly positive scores on those criteria:

  • Work-life balance
  • Freedom to work regardless of time or place
  • Fair salary and perks
  • Meaningful work assignments
  • Strong camaraderie at the workplace

As a result, Tuxera’s performance on the widely followed Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) was a score of 66 – where scores range from -100 to 100, and a score of 50 is considered excellent.

Trusting employees to be at their best – by being themselves

Tuxera leadership believes the impressive results stem from the company’s core principles. “At Tuxera, we trust people to be responsible, give them room to work independently, and focus on the results they achieve instead of the hours they work,” said CEO Tuukka Ahoniemi. “We trust that our team members know what they’re doing, and we encourage and remind people to take care of themselves.”

We were both pleased and surprised at the strong performance, as it came at a time of rapid growth for the organization and as the global pandemic placed tremendous stress on many companies.

“We didn’t expect such good results – it was truly surprising considering the global situation and the expansion of the company,” said Henry Hiltunen, vice president of people and culture at Tuxera.

As people around the world seek more fulfilling careers that allow more personal time, many companies are scrambling to respond. “We were better prepared for the pandemic’s effect on the economy and people’s priorities because we already embrace a flexible work model,” he said.

Key elements of Tuxera’s culture go beyond flexible working hours and locations; treating all employees equally, regardless of employment status, and supporting people in what they love and excel at doing.

“Tuxera strives to ensure that our employees have every opportunity to work on projects that feel rewarding for them – even encouraging them to explore teams and roles other than those they were initially hired for if it means they will be able to pursue their passion,” he said.

Our engineers, for example, believe deeply in their work, which drives employee retention. Asked why they stay with Tuxera, engineers said they believe they are helping customers and the clients of those customers, even though the software they build works almost invisibly behind the scenes.

Responses like these underscore our philosophy that employee satisfaction ultimately leads to customer success.

Uncovering those kinds of insights is the most important part of the Siqni review. “An employee assessment like this isn’t about getting an award,” Hiltunen said. “It’s about getting real, tangible data on what our people truly value and learning how we can support that as a company. It verifies where we are doing well, illuminates where we can improve, and gives another channel for employees to give direct feedback on ways to improve the company.”

Honest communication as a driving force of employee-centric culture

With offices in seven countries and employees from more than 20 nations, we believe our approach to defining workplace culture may offer lessons for many businesses, as Tuxera weaves together elements from different ways of working around the world.

For example, Ahoniemi observed that the common “open door” policies practiced by many other companies did not seem to resolve barriers of hierarchy that hindered efforts to solve problems. “Transparency of emotions” is vital, Ahoniemi said.

“Open communication and common-sense ways of resolving conflict are very Finnish ways of working,” he continued. “People can openly and honestly address things around their well-being without needing to worry about keeping up appearances. The dialog among people and with their team leads can be more open and humane.”

“We received a lot of good ideas and concrete suggestions in the survey feedback that were very much aligned with Tuxera’s mission,” Ahoniemi said. “Overall, achieving this recognition emphasizes that we continue to create an employee-centric culture, building Tuxera around unlocking people’s individual passions. It’s gratifying to see that we can succeed in achieving growth and profitability targets while at the same time keeping focus on employee happiness.”

*This news was first published on GlobeNewswire.

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