CES 2017 is set for takeoff! We’ve got our own crew in Las Vegas gearing up for the popular consumer electronics fair. But why should a software company be at an event that’s all about the gadgets?

For starters, our AllConnect casting app was named a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree. The app will be on display during CES with other honorees in the Innovation Awards Showcase at Tech West. If you can’t make it to CES, you can get the app for Android or iOS devices here.

But behind the scenes, CES is an important place for strengthening partnerships and finding new devices that our software can improve. Here are a few of the device categories we’re focusing on this year:


CES has become such a big auto show that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reportedly plans to launch their newest car at CES – not at the Detroit Auto Show. And it’s no wonder why – today’s cars have the computing power of dozens of personal computers onboard.

We’re excited to see what cars and new vehicle tech are unveiled at CES this year. But more importantly, we’re there to meet with car manufacturers and tier-one suppliers. Together, we’re working on ways to make data recording and storage for autonomous and assisted driving solutions better and more reliable in cars you’ll be riding in.


We’re talking more than just the devices used for personal or professional photos and videos. Cameras are in everything and anything these days – cars, drones, smartphones, toys, fridges – name a device and there’s probably a version with a built-in camera. With cars, drones, and action cams in particular, the cameras need high-performance software that’s ultra-fast for 4K and 8K video. When those devices use low-performance software, you get stuttering images and frame drop. CES is a great place for us to meet up with device manufacturers that need software inside their devices that’s fast enough to handle the video recording, without lost frames.


Wait a sec, routers? We know – it’s a bit hard to jump for joy over those blinking boxes you usually hide out of sight. But remember that for all the cool connected gadgets in your home, your router provides the Wi-Fi. Today’s routers often come with support for network storage, backup for your laptops and other important data, and securely share files like your pictures to other devices in your home. According to new research from the Consumer Technology Association (the folks that organize CES each year) sales for accessories supporting emerging products, such as enhanced routers, are on the rise. In the case of routers alone, 2016 saw a 27% growth in sales.

At CES, we’ll meet with router manufacturers that want the fastest and most reliable network storage support, secure file sharing, and backup features – which our software delivers.

And finally – what to expect from CES 2017

Of course, we’ll be on the lookout for the latest TVs, laptops, drones, VR/AR headsets, wearables, robots, and more as well. We’ve found plenty of great “what to expect at CES 2017” pieces out there. Now for a roundup of some of our favorites:

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