More mobile than a standard PC and offering more screen space than a laptop, All-in-One PC is a perfect match for those looking for more flexible way to work and play. With all the components, ports and monitors in one single unit, the user can plug it in and get to work anywhere at any time. The latest AIOs come in all different flavors whether you are looking for Android, Windows or an iMac.

Android makes a very interesting case as the dominant mobile operating system and a major driver of changes in the desktop computers. Vast app ecosystem is one of its perks. Running Android on the desktop means that the users can finally enjoy their favorite phone and tablet applications on a big screen. Top players in the PC market including the market leaders Lenovo and HP race to turn Android into mainstream desktop operating system. Instead of following the enterprise route, Lenovo targets home users who already love Android for games, easy browsing and broad entertainment.

N300, Lenovo’s latest addition to the AIO family, offers a perfect mix of high power and productivity of a home computer and a simplicity of Android. The AIO can be easily used as a tablet and an integrated battery promises a few hours of in-home portability. Outfitted with Tuxera NTFS, N300 is also fully compatible with all Windows storages. It makes accessing content from external USB hard drive, memory stick or any other Windows formatted storage simple and fast. No more worrying about any cross-platform issues.

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