As many of you probably know, Tuxera comes from the open source development. Apart from the commercial file systems it is mainly recognized for its open software: NTFS – 3G.

NTFS-3G is the original, free-software, read and write NTFS driver for Linux, Android, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenSolaris, QNX and other operating systems. It is widely used in GNU/Linux distributions, including Fedora and Ubuntu among others. The software allows users to mount Windows partitions and edit or delete Windows files. It comes with a full support for all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 8, added in the recent update.

In April 2011 Tuxera merged NTFS-3G together with Ntfsprogs, a collection of free Unix utilities for managing NTFS file systems, creating Tuxera NTFS Community Edition.

Open source community continues to be a big part of our business and we aim to contribute to it as much as we can. The software is regularly updated and maintained by our developers. This January we have released latest stable version ntfs-3G ntfsprogs 2013.1.13 with following specifications:

  • ntfs-3g: fixed returned files types in readdir()
  • ntfs-3g: force option ‘ro’ when mounting a read-only device
  • ntfs-3g: keep the name of a deleted file in place for easier undeletion
  • ntfs-3g: accept multiple read-only mounts
  • ntfs-3g: improved Windows-type ACL inheritance, as needed by Windows 8
  • ntfs-3g: avoid unnecessary runlist update when appending data to a file
  • ntfs-3g: added inheritance of the set-group-id flag
  • ntfs-3g: deny mounting when fast restart mode of Windows 8 is detected
  • ntfs-3g: reject getting/setting DOS names on hard linked files
  • ntfsclone: fixed wiping user data when creating metadata images
  • ntfsclone: implemented a new option to set a new serial number
  • ntfsfix: implemented fixing the backup boot sector
  • ntfsfix: fixed clearing the bad cluster list
  • ntfsinfo: added allocation data to the volume parameters summary
  • ntfsinfo: output the numbers of runs and fragments for the selected file
  • ntfslabel: implemented a new option to set a new serial number
  • ntfswipe: added optional wiping of file tails and undelete data
  • mkntfs: insert an $Info stream in $UpCase to comply with Windows 8
  • openindianas: merged OpenIndiana requirements into the driver and fuse-lite

On the top of the stable release, there are always further add-ons, which are aimed at developing, maturing and releasing features that might be integrated in the future upgrades depending on user feedback.

Our commercial high-performance alternative, Tuxera NTFS for Mac and embedded devices is currently one of the most widely deployed solutions on the market.