Happy New Year 2010 To All Tuxera Users!

The first open source NTFS-3G stable release of the year contains only important bug fixes:

  • Fix: Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 couldn’t access a volume, file or directory if it had a non-resident TXF_DATA attribute despite being allowed by the NTFS $AttrDef attribute specification file. This scenario is very rare and hard to reproduce. Currently we have 1900 downloads a day and received only very a few such problem reports. Solution is also available from Microsoft. Please see more information at KB974729. Upgrade is recommended!
  • Fix: NTFS-3G may crashed if a junction point referred to a non-ASCII file.
  • Fix: Compilation errors on Mac OS X, OpenSolaris and openSUSE.

The source code of the latest stable driver is available at http://www.tuxera.com/community/ntfs-3g-download/

Many thanks to Microsoft, Jean-Pierre Andre, Erik Larsson, Anton Altaparmakov, Dominique Leuenberger, John G. Ireland, Virial, Elby, and Fuzzf.

Tuxera Open Source Team