We are happy to announce the next stable release of NTFS-3G and ntfsprogs.

The source code is available at

git clone git://

The package contains the following improvements, changes and fixes:

  • ntfs-3g: fixed device path canonicalization for use by devmapper
  • ntfs-3g: fixed setting DOS names when defined with lower-case chars
  • ntfs-3g: fixed attribute flags controlling recursive writes
  • ntfs-3g: fixed compilation on OpenIndiana
  • ntfs-3g: fixed options parsing on OSes with no extended attributes
  • ntfs-3g: fixed relatime as a default mount option
  • ntfs-3g: fixed endless recursion when MFT extents are described by themselves
  • ntfs-3g: fixed the description of inherit option
  • ntfs-3g: fixed overwriting a truncated file
  • ntfs-3g: fixed truncation of DOS file names (12 ntfschars, not 12 utf8 chars)
  • ntfs-3g: fixed the setting of attributes by secaudit (index not synced)
  • ntfs-3g: faster compression
  • ntfs-3g: new option delay_mtime to delay updates of mtime+ctime
  • ntfsfix: new option -d to clear the dirty flag if fix is successful
  • ntfsfix: fixed volume dirty flag test
  • ntfsfix: new option to clear the list of bad sectors
  • ntfsfix: fixed compilation on Sparc
  • ntfsfix: fixed a bug causing a segmentation violation
  • ntfsfix: repair self-located MFT data bug
  • ntfscp: fix free space calculation
  • ntfscp: support compression
  • ntfsresize: implemented expanding runlists
  • ntfsresize: updated the description of the -f option
  • ntfsresize: expand an NTFS volume downwards
  • ntfsclone: backup bootsector not be to accounted for
  • ntfsclone: creating/restoring a metadata image
  • ntfsundelete: try to recover the file name when undeleting
  • ntfsundelete: use inode number to name unnamed files
  • ntfswipe: Big endian and other fixes
  • secaudit: prefixed owner and group SID in ACL display
  • library: fixed big cluster support using 4kB sector disk
  • library: fixed huge data writes
  • library: use transparent compression by default
  • library: fixed several bad returns in error conditions
  • library: enabled getting the sector size on FreeBSD and MacOSX
  • build: fixed “make libs” to only build libraries

The stable release is available at

Many thanks to Jean-Pierre Andre, Erik Larsson and many other contributors!

Tuxera Open Source Team