Tuxera Joins Renesas R-Car Consortium

Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan – November 5, 2014 – Tuxera Inc., the market leader in interoperable file system and streaming solutions, announced today an ongoing cooperation with Renesas Electronics Corporation to address the growing demand for advanced in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI). As part of the active collaboration, Tuxera has also joined Renesas R-Car consortium that advances Renesas R-Car SoC series.

Renesas, the world’s top semiconductor provider for the automotive industry, plays a key role in the connected car development. Renesas’ extensive product lineup makes it possible to implement a broad range of solutions for cutting-edge features such as 3D graphic capabilities along with audio, video and image recognition and processing.

“Tuxera’s reliable file systems for external connectivity and internal storage ensure the highest read and write performance and flash-memory life-time, bringing added value to our market-leading products. We have a long history of tight cooperation with automotive Tier 1 suppliers, helping them stay competitive and reduce time-to-market,” commented Masayasu Yoshida, Department Manager of Automotive Information Strategy Department, Automotive Information System Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Renesas R-Car consortium focuses on the development of the next-generation IVI solutions to provide better support for the car manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Renesas is reinforcing the ecosystem by building an international network of trusted partners including operating system and middleware software providers as well as system integrators.

“Feature-rich smart car systems build on increasingly complex hardware and software platforms. The industry constantly requires higher performance and reliability together with the latest innovations. With Renesas we provide robust software solutions that address the growing demands for overall system performance, reliability and durability as well as interoperability and connectivity. Renesas is an invaluable partner on the automotive market and we are proud to contribute with our technical expertise to Renesas R-Car consortium and future developments,” noted Kanae Kubota, Director of Software Solutions at Tuxera.

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