Data storage management company adopts quality management framework favored by automotive, enterprise, and aerospace manufacturers.

Tuxera, a world leader in quality-assured data storage management and networking technologies, is pleased to announce it has received ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

As the most widely used QMS standard across the world, ISO 9001 is a set of specific standards based on seven broad management principles. It creates a framework that helps to ensure quality of a company’s products and services and that the company consistently meets customers’ expectations. An increasing number of manufacturers and OEMs, specifically in automotive, aerospace and defense, are imposing very strict prerequisites for supplier qualification.

“Receiving ISO 9001 certification further demonstrates Tuxera’s commitment to delivering the best possible quality to our customers using our state-of-the-art processes,” said Jesus Cabrera, Global Quality Manager at Tuxera. “The decisions we make are informed by data and aim to satisfy both the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders. The certification also highlights that the company around the quality products is driven by a solid, quality-driven structure.”

Tuxera has a global customer base, and ISO certification ensures the company will meet quality requirements anywhere in the world. Clients know that Tuxera has robust processes in place, such as risk assessment and mitigation planning, that can result in cost savings and quicker time to market.

“The certification also shows Tuxera’s dedication to continuous improvement and maintaining its competitiveness in the market,” Cabrera said.

Tuxera and its customers greatly value quality certifications. The company is also expected to complete Automotive SPICE® (A-SPICE) certification in 2022 – a framework for ensuring effective delivery of automotive systems as the development cycles shorten, with increased complexity and higher expectations of reliability. 

For A-SPICE certification, Tuxera adopted new Product Lifecycle Management tools to enable a better decision-making process. The company also increased its commitment to its employees by designing and implementing new training. “That allowed A-SPICE process features and needs to be simplified and translated into our own company culture,” Cabrera said.

Pursuing and achieving certifications like ISO 9001 and A-SPICE framework demonstrate to Tuxera’s customers that the entire organization is committed to providing quality throughout the whole development process. 

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do,” said Tuukka Ahoniemi, CEO of Tuxera. “Everything we build, we test rigorously, which results in quality-driven, reliable storage and networking software, built to expectations. ISO 9001 will be an integral piece of the foundation of the products we provide our customers.”