Leader in enterprise storage and networking technologies joins supercomputing innovators at national conference.

HELSINKI, October 20, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Tuxera is attending SC22, the international conference for supercomputing, in Dallas, Texas, from November 13-18, to showcase Fusion File Share by Tuxera™, the company’s high-performance, scalable SMB server.

The annual non-profit SC conference, formerly known as Supercomputing, is designed to share best practices in high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. Sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society, the conference typically draws about 15,000 attendees.

The world’s most advanced and scalable SMB server

Fusion File Share is Tuxera’s SMB implementation that provides users with the fastest and most reliable access to shared file resources. Fusion has all the features required by modern enterprise organizations, cloud vendors (PaaS and public cloud), software-defined software (SDS) companies, and is applicable in a variety of high-performance computing (HPC), media and broadcast applications, plus enterprise-grade network attached storage (NAS).

“We are thrilled to be coming to SC22 and to have the opportunity to meet and learn from innovators who are advancing the frontiers of computing,” said Antti Alila, Head of Enterprise Business Unit at Tuxera. “We’re equally excited to show the sector Tuxera’s innovation with Fusion File Share, which is quite simply the world’s most advanced and scalable SMB server.”

Fusion File Share is built on the latest release of SMB, or server message block, Microsoft’s client-server communications protocol. The mature product, in production since 2017, is already deployed in millions of devices globally. In tests, Fusion File Share contributes more than 85% of the speed performance for the world’s fastest parallel file system. Created for Linux, Fusion File Share also integrates easily with Windows environments and is optimized for Mac clients. Tuxera has had a development partnership with Microsoft for more than 12 years, allowing Tuxera to match the pace of Microsoft’s updates to the SMB protocol.

“Some Linux-based SMB solutions cannot meet the performance and scalability demands needed to deliver cloud service to customers,” Alila said. “Fusion File Share provides the reliability you need and scales linearly to meet any level of throughput demands.”

Outperforming the competition

Fusion File Share is a drop-in replacement for other SMB/CIFS servers and vastly outperforms the most widely used SMB server alternative. The outstanding differentiators for Fusion File Share by Tuxera are that it matches Microsoft’s SMB development pace, offers multichannel, RDMA and compression support, is highly scalable, supports multitudes of concurrent opens and connections, has low CPU and memory usage and superior random workload support.

In head-to-head testing, Fusion File Share link speed performance steadily increases over the leading competitor as the number of client nodes increases. It offers up to 2.7 times greater multi-threaded performance, 61 times better small file creation, and sustains 100% of clients with memory usage under 40%, whereas the competitor reached 100% of memory and was unable to spawn new clients.

Tuxera’s Fusion File Share delivers results not only in testing but in the field with customers. One client in software-defined storage needed to replace an in-house SMB solution with one that delivered better performance, scalability, and reliability. Fusion File Share provided aggregated throughput of 54 GB/second, 2.75 times faster than the previous solution, and a 300% increase in concurrent SMB connections while maintaining low CPU usage.

“Fusion File Share is the solution organizations need as they adopt the cloud-first strategies of serverless technology, cloud file storage, and file-based applications,” Alila said.

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