One of the aspects we feel most proud about at Tuxera are our people and their origins. We’ve now grown to be one of the most successful companies in EMEA, and part of this success is the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the DNA of our employees. While still young, some of us have had or still have our own ventures and are very attached to the startup ecosystem in Finland. Thus, we were incredible excited when Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (AaltoES), the largest student-run entrepreneurship community in Europe, approached us to help them drive forward their latest idea: TeamUp. TeamUp is a pilot program created by AaltoES for anyone interested in creating or joining a startup team and build a company. The program happens over a course of two months, during which the teams get to evolve their ideas into an actual business.



Across these two months there are 4 milestones that mark the journey of the teams. These milestones are called Land, Sea, Air and Fire. In the Land stage, teams are formed and they develop their initial concepts over a weekend. The Sea stage is a 24h cruise on international seas where teams get to build their ideas even further and in the Air stage in May the teams will board on a plane towards Stockholm (one of the biggest startup ecosystems in Europe) for networking with people from different backgrounds, including VCs, Angel Investors, and other startups. Eventually, only the best teams will make it to the Fire phase where they will have to survive the heat of Summer of Startups (a 9-week accelerator program by AaltoES).

The Land phase took place last weekend and it ended with a pitching day, where the teams presented their ideas to a board of judges: Mike Bradshaw from Solu, Moaffak Ahmed and Riku Asikainen from Startup Sauna, and Claudio Camacho from Tuxera. See them in action:

Even though we’re just at the beginning of the program, we can already say that being involved in TeamUp with AaltoES is a very fulfilling experience for us. It’s specially gratifying to get back to our roots and be able not just to share our learnings and personal experiences with young entrepreneurs, but also to challenge them in their thinking and to be a source of inspiration whenever they need us.


? ? ? Get ready for the Sea phase! A surprise is coming ? ? ?

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