We’ve had lots of good vibes at Tuxera HQ. For the third year in a row we’ve been awarded Great Place to Work. But what’s the secret to making a great workplace? Read on to see what our people think. As you can see, we’re pretty excited and happy to share how we make it work at Tuxera:


Tuxera wins Great Place to Work 2017 – quote from Jukka“Getting this award doesn’t come as a surprise to me because each and every day you feel it here. Every day is a lot of fun. I enjoy the creative freedom we have and especially the encouraging “go for it!” attitude. No matter how wacky the idea is, I never hear, “I don’t know if it’ll work…”

Instead of holding back, people see the opportunities (not the risks) in trying new things. The more out of the box the better. I think it has a lot to do with the personalities we have here. Just a bunch of wacky fun people – a really good premise for creativity.”

—Jukka Malkamäki, Graphic Designer, 6 months with Tuxera


Tuxera wins Great Place to Work 2017 – quote from Sougata“It’s great coming here every day and working with these great colleagues. It’s a very collaborative and friendly environment. Working here gives me much more beyond just the technical stuff – I get details from every corner of the world. I’ve been working in software development for 10 years and Tuxera’s culture is very unique.”

—Sougata Santra, Senior Software Developer, 5 years with Tuxera



Tuxera wins Great Place to Work 2017 – quote from Rakesh“I am very happy that we won this award, but it’s no surprise to me. I know this a great place to work! I have been here for four years and it has always improved and always been wonderful. Even though we have grown so much, the culture hasn’t changed. It’s still inspiring to be here every day. We have a great team.

My favorite thing about working at Tuxera is the freedom. I also like that my work here really counts for something. People are using the devices with your software inside, so you always get to see your work out there. It’s a great feeling.”

—Rakesh Pandit, Software Engineer, 4 years with Tuxera


Tuxera wins Great Place to Work 2017 – quote from Severi“I’ve only been here for three months, but I have already seen that this is a great place to work. It feels nice coming in on Monday and sad leaving on Fridays. My favorite things about Tuxera are the freedom to do things the way you want, the great people, and the new office. There’s ping-pong, Super Bomberman and gaming, a nice kitchen, saunas, and a pool. It’s a nice place to be all around.”

—Severi Tikkala, Sales Executive, 3 months with Tuxera


Tuxera wins Great Place to Work 2017 – quote from Aino“I thought this year would be a very challenging category to win because now we’re a bigger company and there’s usually more challenges as the company grows. So I’m surprised to hear that we have an even better score than in previous years, while at the same time we’re jumping up into the next sized category.

The energy is my favorite thing about working here. There’s so many different stimuli from the people and the work. There’s not just one thing you do, but there are a lot of different things you can concentrate on.

—Aino Tuominen, Administrative Assistant (aka “The MacGyver of Tuxera”), 2 years with Tuxera

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