Benefits of Tuxera's resilient data management and connectivity software

We work with leading manufacturers of medical devices and biomedical companies taking care of their data with resilient and secure software. Our solutions enhance the reliability, longevity, and security of files and data, providing robust data management and transfers for research, diagnosis, and clinical applications. Our technologies enable connectivity within the Internet of Medical Things and support new use cases enabled by artificial intelligence in the medical industry.

Resilient storage

Ensure data and system integrity in case of unexpected power outages or system failures.

Embedded data encryption and secure communications

Prevent, detect, and mitigate security threats and cyberattacks, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.




Extended flash storage lifetime

Extend the flash memory lifespan of medical devices and reduce maintenance costs by minimizing early lifecycle component failures with our flash-aware file systems.


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Compliance and traceability

Our safe and secure embedded file systems and network protocols are developed to meet safety standards and are widely used in regulated industries with strict requirements.



Real-time performance

Rely on our fast and deterministic storage and connectivity software for immediate and precise data processing and transfers.

Full service technical support

Support and expertise

Our team of experts will help you solve any technical challenges and provide expert guidance to ensure the long-term success of your medical device.

Use cases we meet in the medical and biotech sector

Software-defined healthcare and next-generation medical devices

We enhance the safety, effectiveness, and security of medical devices and healthcare applications through our resilient file systems and secure networking solutions.

Respiratory equipment

Accurate, real-time data in ventilators and respirators is vital for patient monitoring, ensuring correct oxygen delivery, and triggering timely alerts. Critical patient ventilation data needs to be seamlessly and securely transferred to hospital information systems. Our resilient file systems ensure data and system integrity, monitoring and preventing flash memory errors, and our secure TCP/IP networking stack and encryption engine are designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of data, ensuring its safe transmission.

Patient monitoring devices

Patient monitoring systems continuously track and record vital signs and other health metrics. This data must be accurate and reliable to ensure clinicians can make informed decisions and provide timely medical interventions, improving patient outcomes and safety. Maintaining data integrity and secure transmission is essential – robust, predictable and secure file systems and networking software guarantees the reliability and performance of medical monitoring devices.

Network and file access challenges

Seamlessly, securely transfer data with our scalable and easily integrated SMB implementation. Eliminate network bottlenecks, optimize storage performance, and simplify user access management.

Case study: Tuxera powering high-speed imaging for leading medical research institution

Discover how a medical institute ramped up their imaging capabilities with Fusion File Share by Tuxera. SMB is no longer a bottleneck for their innovative research.

Tuxera embedded storage solutions for the medical industry

Reliance Nitro – power-failsafe embedded file system for mission-critical data

High-integrity file system for Linux, VxWorks

Power-failsafe file system for resource-constrained systems

Small footprint file system for RTOS

Structured data storage on NOR flash

Reliance EdgeNAND - Embedded flash file system for mission-critical data stored on SPI-NAND

For mission-critical data stored on SPI-NAND

Tuxera Networking Stack

Secure IPv4/IPv6 networking

Commercial-grade file systems for external storage connectivity

Tuxera SafeFTL

Predictable, fail-safe flash operations for safety-critical environments

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