Predictable, fail-safe flash operations for safety-critical environments

Our advanced fail-safe flash translation layer (FTL) is designed to provide predictable flash operations for safety-critical systems in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. Tuxera SafeFTL™ is a logical, sector-based interface to any application or file system using NAND or NOR devices. It manages the underlying complexity of flash-based media devices in embedded systems, and can be used together with any of Tuxera’s file systems. This highly efficient FTL is designed for use with most standard types of NAND and NOR flash, in simple or complex configurations.

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Tuxera SafeFTL architecture
Tuxera SafeFTL architecture

Why choose Tuxera SafeFTL flash translation layer

With deterministic execution control, Tuxera SafeFTL goes a step beyond to ensure the utmost reliability and predictability in safety-critical systems. It interfaces with any flash-based media, and is especially valuable when integrating NAND flash into safety-based systems. While many FTLs may stall for a variable period of time – particularly when placed under heavy loads – Tuxera SafeFTL ensures stable and predictable operation of the flash device, be it NAND or NOR. SafeFTL has been fully verified both in simulated environments and on real NAND flash arrays.

Key technical features

Integrates with both RTOS and non-RTOS based systems
Handles up to 4 TB in a single wear-leveled array
Supports arrays of flash greater than 4 TB
Compatible with all common NAND/NOR devices
Handles NAND devices with any page size: 16896, 8448, 4224, 2112, and 528 bytes
Supports file systems with any sector size, including 8 KB, 4 KB, 2 KB, and 512 bytes
Handles any array of NOR flash
Supports multi-chip arrays
Data block logging
Dynamically configurable, based on available flash
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