Keep your cloud solutions soaring
with rapid, secure NTFS file handling

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera™ Enterprise Edition is a high-performance file system implementation for enterprise cloud services or on-premises data centers. It can mount, access, scan, and backup Windows® NTFS file system volumes in Linux®. Our secure, network- and cloud-optimized NTFS driver is easily integrated into any existing solution.

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera Enterprise Edition already powers world-leading cloud security and backup and restore vendors.

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Customer success story

“…Crawling and storage optimizations available in Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera provide the speed we need to deliver customers a complete view of their multi-cloud estate in minutes.”

Gil Geron
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Orca Security

When to use Tuxera's cloud-optimized NTFS file system

Cloud backup & restore

Save time and money by minimizing the uptime of your backup processing instance. Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera enables rapid, cost-effective backup, recovery, and verification capability for Windows to Linux machines. Our enterprise-grade NTFS implementation allows for easy file system snapshot creation to an image, seamless ability to recover backups, and rapid file-to-file comparison when mounting to Linux systems.

Security & compliance

We offer the high-performance, reliability, and scalability you need from an NTFS solution to tackle cloud infrastructures, no matter the scale. With Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera Enterprise Edition, you can quickly and easily mount or snapshot private or public cloud NTFS volumes to Linux environments. Once mounted with our rapid NTFS file interface, any data can be scanned for security threats, privacy and compliance, volume or data integrity, vulnerabilities, or other needs. What’s more, our software minimizes uptime of the scanner instance – saving you on costs.

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Tuxera's enterprise-grade NTFS features at a glance

  • Fast mounting
  • Low CPU and memory usage even under heavy workloads
  • High-speed data reading/writing interface
  • Multi-core, multi-thread support
  • Easily scalable for massive systems
  • Easy file-to-file compare, versioning when mounting to Linux machine
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  • Commercial support packages to suit your responsiveness needs
  • Proprietary license with no GPL implications
  • Developed in cooperation with Microsoft
  • Windows 11 support
  • File crawling
  • Journal replay
  • Hard links
  • Alternate data streams
  • File compression
  • Sparse files
  • Reparse points
  • Deduplication
  • Extended attributes

Award-winning, responsive technical support

Tuxera’s team of storage development and networking experts will support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, going above and beyond to ensure your project performs flawlessly and can be delivered on schedule. Our enterprise-grade software is built-in with custom-engineered testing, which is an integral part of our development and validation process. These tests ensure the performance, scalability, and availability of our software meets your requirements. Need 24/7 support? No problem – we have a choice of support subscriptions so you can select the right degree of support to suit your needs.

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