How it works on INTEGRITY

The Green Hills Software INTEGRITY® RTOS is a leading choice for designs in industries that require safety and security certification. As a result, INTEGRITY has a large market share in industries such as automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, and industrial applications due to its foundational focus on core safety and security features.

INTEGRITY RTOS describes two file system interfaces – a virtual file system (VFS) and a file descriptor interface (FDI). For internal file systems, the VFS sits between the FDI and the FAT or Fast file systems. Reliance Edge will use the FDI interface directly. Both interfaces support ordinary POSIX calls, relaying them to the appropriate file system for that partition.

At the block device level, a device driver multiplexor is used to handle controller hardware and virtualization. These multiplexors are often provided with the BSP. Reliance Edge uses the same device driver multiplexor as the other INTEGRITY file systems, allowing multiple file systems to exist on various partitions of a single hardware device (such as eMMC).