Reliance Edge supports NXP MQX

Reliance Edge is deeply integrated with NXP® MQX™, enabling developers to exchange the default file system for Reliance Edge without making extensive changes to their applications.

In MQX, file system drivers and I/O device drivers are all accessed by the application through the Virtual File System (VFS), allowing applications to access any storage device through a generic interface, such as ‘fopen()’. The path given determines which file system volume or device will be accessed (for example, fopen(“/myvolume/myfile”)). Reliance Edge also behaves this way, so programs that function with any other file system will continue to work with minimal changes if the underlying volume is mounted with Reliance Edge instead of the original file system. The exception is that the File System Essentials API requires direct access to the Reliance Edge APIs, allowing the developer to keep RAM and CPU requirements at a minimum.

MQX file system, Reliance Edge integrates with the VFS to access the underlying storage media, meaning that it can be used with any block device driver ported to MQX without modification. However, like MQX’s MFS file system, Reliance Edge requires a special driver to use raw flash media, such as Tuxera’s FlashFX Tera.