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Tuxera exFAT Embedded

Tuxera works together with Microsoft, SD Association, chipset companies and ODMs to ensure device manufacturers can deploy exFAT on any platform and adopt reliable, fail-safe and high-performance SDXC memory card support. Tuxera was the first independent software vendor that had legal access to exFAT specifications, source code and verification tools from Microsoft. Typical use cases are:

  • Portable Devices with SD Card Slot including Mobiles, Tablets, Netbooks and other handhelds
  • Automotive and In-Flight Infotainment Systems
  • Home Entertainment such as DTV, Set-Top Box (STB), IPTV, DVD, Blu-Ray and Multimedia Player and Recorder
  • Wireless Storage, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Router
  • Demanding Industrial Systems such as forensics, intelligence, medical, aviation and military


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