Tuxera exFAT Embedded

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The first and most popular exFAT on Android with swift integration, high reliability and outstanding performance

Plug-and-Play Compatibility

Tuxera exFAT brings support for exFAT formatted USB drives and all types of SD memory cards including SDXC and microSD. With exFAT the users are no longer tied to 4GB size limit per file. Tuxera exFAT handles simultaneous recording, viewing and uploading several Ultra HD streams in the most demanding embedded environments.


Multiple Platform Support

Tuxera is the leading exFAT developer on Android, Linux and other major platforms. Close cooperation with Microsoft, SD Association, hardware companies and ODMs guarantees that Tuxera exFAT can run on any platform.


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Tuxera exFAT is the main driver behind SDXC adoption, an international standard for high-capacity SD memory cards. Tuxera is also the first software company to license exFAT source code, patents and verification codes from Microsoft.

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1st Choice of the Leading Manufacturers

Our customers chose Tuxera exFAT for swift integration, high reliability and outstanding performance. The software is fully customized, integrated and optimized for each use case leading to lower R&D costs and faster time to the market.


Tuxera exFAT is an essential element for plug-and-play compatibility with no need to reformat and is required to support the high-capacity SDXC memory cards and latest USB storages. Tuxera exFAT is a high-performance Linux kernel module component with no other dependencies.

Supported Operating Systems Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, and Tizen.
Hardware Platforms ARM, x86, x86-84, MIPS, PowerPC, SH4 and more.
Full Interoperability Support for all Microsoft exFAT versions and SD Association specifications, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and storage media types including USB, SD, eSD, eMMC, HDD, SSD for smooth data portability.
Unmatched Scalability No practical limit in number of files, folders, file sizes, and partition sizes.
High-Performance Active caching, advanced algorithms and data structures ensure maximum IO throughput for both small and large files, and high IOPS for file operations.
Solid Reliability Rigorous quality assurance, wide deployment and fault-tolerant design guarantee Outstanding file system robustness. Fail-safe by design, Tuxera exFAT ensures full data and device integrity in case of plug-off, power-off and system crash.
Integration and Architecture Tuxera exFAT is highly portable and it can be easily integrated into any system. Tuxera exFAT is a high-performance Linux kernel module.

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