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The first choice of leading mobile manufacturers.

High-performance exFAT support

Tuxera exFAT embedded makes it possible to use external storage media larger than 32 GB with all the latest consumer electronics. Our commercial exFAT driver brings support for USB drives and all types of SD memory cards including eSD, SDXC, and microSD on Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, and Tizen platforms. It’s a high-performance Linux kernel module with no other dependencies that’s easy to integrate into any system.

Our exFAT partners

Being a Microsoft partner since 2008 and SD Association executive member since 2009, our strong partnerships with the industry’s best make Tuxera exFAT the go-to exFAT embedded driver.


Why choose Tuxera exFAT embedded

Thanks to Tuxera exFAT, device users enjoy a premium experience with reliable data storage, longer memory card lifetime, and more available CPU to run their favorite apps. Tuxera exFAT handles simultaneous recording, viewing, and uploading of several ultra-HD streams – even in embedded environments with limited resources.

What’s more, we provide full-service R&D support including integration, testing, benchmarking, reports, and product- and platform-specific optimization.

Supports industry standards


Tuxera is an active member of several key industry associations such as the SD Association, Linux Foundation, and JEDEC. We’re also the main driver behind SDXC adoption, an international standard for high-capacity SD memory cards.

A legally safe exFAT driver


We have a long-standing partnership with Microsoft since 2008. Our cooperation on business, technical, and legal aspects ensures you can deploy Microsoft-compatible file systems on any platform.

Must-have for SD and eMMC


Tuxera exFAT is fully flash friendly. It prevents file system fragmentation, significantly extending the lifetime of flash-based storage including eMMC, UFS, SD cards, and USB drives.

Built-in check and repair


Errors can cause data loss – or worse – damage device’s hardware. Tuxera exFAT goes beyond other alternatives to bring you integrated, on-the-fly check and repair tools to ensure file system consistency, fix corrupted volumes and recover lost files.

A 100% fail-safe file system


Full data and system consistency – without performance loss. With Tuxera exFAT embedded, user content like videos and pictures is saved even if the SD card is suddenly removed or during an unexpected power loss.

Full-service tech support


Customer support and problem-solving are our company cornerstones. Our cloud-based autobuild system ensures up-to-date, immediate software integration and delivery. Plus, our experienced engineers are on call round-the-clock for technical assistance in over 15 languages.

Selected customers

Our proprietary exFAT driver delivers legal, reliable, and high-performance file system support on the latest consumer electronics.





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