Commercial-grade file systems for external storage connectivity

The most trusted file system solutions for USB storage and SD memory card support

GravityCS by Tuxera file systems are built in to over a billion devices worldwide, making our solution the go-to choice for the leading OEMs, ODMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and car makers.

Gravity CS is our commercial-grade suite of file system software that makes it possible for you to connect any external storage media—like USB sticks and SD memory cards—to any device. Our file system implementations are built on tried and true technologies like NTFS®, FAT™, exFAT®, APFS, and HFS+—but we’ve added patented optimizations to make data transfers faster, storage access more responsive, and provide fail-safe measures to keep all your data intact and secure.

With GravityCS by Tuxera, we’ll build the right solution package from the following embedded file systems, based on your requirements

Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera

Microsoft FAT by Tuxera

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera

Tuxera APFS

Tuxera HFS+


Multi-media, multi-platform support

Just plug in any external storage media, and it works with your device or car. Our storage software supports USB, SD™, SDHC™, SDXC™, eMMC, HDD, and SSD storage media. Plus, it’s compatible with all the major operating systems—Android™, Linux®, Chrome OS™, QNX®, Nucleus®, Windows® Embedded, and more.

Customized for top storage performance

Open-source storage drivers are good—but they’re made for generic use. That’s why you run into I/O bottlenecks. What makes our drivers different is they’re built for your specific use case on your specific hardware platform. We do all the necessary tuning and testing to get the maximum performance from your storage stack.

Patented, fail-safe file systems

No lost data. Our storage software safely stores data in the event of power failure or unexpected power loss. GravityCS by Tuxera solutions also come with volume check and repair tools to ensure the system heals itself in case of faults. That’s a critical fail-safety measure missing from other file system alternatives.

Extensive file system tools

We have the best tools on the market to help you get the most from your storage stack over the entire product lifetime. Our package includes tools for formatting, check and repair, debugging, our proprietary benchmark utility, plus a benchmarking guide and documentation for all the tools.

Premium user experience

GravityCS by Tuxera file systems are optimized for the environment they’re embedded in. That means device users get a premium experience with reliable data storage, longer memory card lifetime, improved responsiveness when accessing stored content, and more available CPU to run their favorite apps.

Responsive customer support

The largest team of file systems experts—at your service. We’ve been solving complex storage challenges for our customers for over a decade. Our engineers are on call to help you through every stage of your product’s lifetime, including full integration support.

Compatible with all major operating systems and platforms

Where GravityCS by Tuxera embedded file systems make an impact

Automotive infotainment (IVI) systems

Smartphone and tablet storage

Camera and drone storage

Set-top boxes and media players

Routers with backup storage

Network-attached storage (NAS)

Medical devices

Industrial applications



Microsoft, Windows, exFAT, and NTFS are the registered trademarks of Microsoft in the U.S and other jurisdictions. FAT is a trademark of Microsoft. Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. Android and Chrome OS are trademarks of Google LLC. SD,SDXC, and SDHC are trademarks of SD Association.

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