Micrium® has developed a port that seamlessly integrates Tuxera’s Reliance Edge file system with the collection of device drivers found in µC/FS. This allows developers to use any of Reliance Edge’s public APIs (POSIX-Like or File System Essential) directly without having to develop the underlying communication through raw device I/O. The Reliance Edge port supports all of the µC/FS drivers, including those for RAMDisk, SD Cards (via SDIO and SPI), Serial NOR Flash Devices, and NAND Devices, without any additional modifications. Any configuration settings necessary to set up a device (such as NAND or NOR) can be found in the application layer within a file called “mark>app_cfg.h“. However for some device drivers, such as SD Cards, there is no need for additional configuration.

Micrium has also integrated both of their world-renowned µC/OS-II™ and µC/OS-III™ kernels to ensure thread safety within Reliance Edge. The port was designed to use either kernel without the need to change any code. Reliance Edge will automatically create and manage mutexes for protecting shared resources according to the conventions of the kernel with which it runs.

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